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Thumbs up!"This Lapsang Souchong Oak tea has a mild, smoky taste that pairs perfectly with fresh lemon juice. "
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purearomalapsansouLapsang Souchong Oak, by Pure Aroma Tea, is a famous black tea from China. They say this smoky tea has a rather sweet, tarry flavor. Traditionally, the lapsang leaves are smoke-dried over pinewood fires. This is how they get their peculiar smoky taste. I also discovered that “Souchong” refers to the tea leaves that are further away from the bud of the Lapsang plant. These leaves are courser and are said to be less desirable because they aren’t as flavorful as the other leaves. Because of this, they are smoked to make them more desirable.

I also found the story of this tea quite fascinating. Legend says that during the Quing era of China, when the passage of armies delayed the drying of tea leaves in the Wuyi Mountain, tea makers dried the leaves over pine fires to speed up the process. The Lapsang Souchong tea made in the Wuyi area is now the most expensive since that’s where it originated.

When I first smelled this tea, it was overwhelmingly smoky. It smelled precisely like a pack of smoked sea salt that I had in my kitchen cabinet. I felt like I needed to rub all those tea leaves onto a slab of raw meat....not steep it delicately in a tea cup. After smelling it I understood why many reviews said this was a “manly tea”. I decided to have my dad smell this tea and I found the reviews were correct. My dad is a coffee drinker but he loved the smell and taste of this tea.

I brewed 1 teaspoon in one cup of water for 5 minutes. On their website, Pure Aroma Tea suggests drinking this tea with a fresh lemon wedge. It also said this tea is enjoyed best without milk so I left the tea alone. I took a smell of the tea with the lemon juice. I think the lemon really enhanced the smell; it wasn’t as powerful. I took a sip and was delightfully surprised. If the taste had been as strong as the smell I think I would’ve spit it out. Luckily it had a more mild smoky taste and was a bit sweeter than I expected. It tasted like fresh, liquid smoke and smelled a tad like a cigar. The lemon also helped a lot. I don’t think I would make the tea without added fresh lemon to it.

Though I did like this tea, I don’t think I would sit down and drink a whole cup of it. One nice sip was enough. My dad on the other hand loved this tea. He plans on ordering some for himself. It was a good quality tea that I think most men would enjoy. If Ron Swanson, Chuck Norris, or The Most Interesting Man in the World were to drink a cup of tea, I do believe they would drink this Lapsang Souchong Oak by Pure Aroma Tea.

— To purchase Pure Aroma Tea Lapsang Souchong Oak, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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