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Its OK"Notes of peach are indeed prevalent as promised, but any hint of cream followed by a "buttery mouthfeel" is lacking. "
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mountaingreenjinxuanWith purported elements of peach, cream, and biscuits, Mountain Tea's Green Jin Xuan Oolong is a noticeably affordable offering of the often pricey milk oolong. As with any other tea of such a variety, Mountain Tea's Jin Xuan hails directly from Taiwan but from the vendor's very own tea gardens. Unadulterated, Mountain Tea's milk oolong is devoid of the flavorings often added to those of its kind.

Despite the much-warranted applause for a straight tea devoid of supplementing additives, the brew of the Jin Xuan is significantly less akin to a top-notch milk oolong. Ironically, I had not assumed the tea to be a milk oolong at all, likening its flavor profile more to an everyday albeit enjoyable brew.

With leaves slightly darker in green than the majority of milk oolongs I have personally encountered, Mountain Tea's oolong elicits a raised floral aroma, muting the creamy sweet characteristic associated with such a tea. While certainly pleasant, each brew is relatively unbalanced, missing much of an essential sweeter side. Notes of peach are indeed prevalent as promised, but any hint of cream followed by a "buttery mouthfeel" is lacking.

I should make a careful note in my brewing methods, as Mountain Tea recommends a cooler water temperature for best bringing about the leaves' natural sweetness. Of course, nearly any oolong should maintain the majority of its flavor profile under a standard 190°F. A brewing temperature of 185°F, however, is recommended, and it would be worthwhile to experiment with temperatures as low as 175°F. I will concede that a lower water temperature could potentially uplift the Jin Xuan's cream and milk elements, but nothing of the sort existed under a temperature just a few degrees higher.

As already mentioned, I was entirely unaware of the tea being a milk oolong - this even after having enjoyed several brews. Regardless, Mountain Tea's Green Jin Xuan makes for a delightful brew and gives off every proper indication of a carefully crafted tea. Price considered, the tea becomes all the more enticing. Price entirely aside, however, the leaves fall short of a reputable milk oolong.

— To purchase Mountain Tea Green Jin Xuan, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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