Review: Origin Tea Shan Lin Xi: Yang Zi Wan (A) 2012 Winter

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Thumbs up!"Smooth and nutty, with a hint of clover honey to the finish, this tea's simple and mild profile would be a good bet at the end of a long day."
Sophie’s Teaview: 7.2/10
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originshanlinxiwinter2012Origin Tea is currently offering two hand picked, high altitude oolongs from the same village but different farms, labelled as A and B. Candidate A's leaves have been tightly rolled into erratically-shaped nuggets. Their scent is delicious blend of clover honey and lilac. So far, so good!

A gongfu-style brew is recommended. To do so, I used 4 grams of leaf in 60ml of water, heated to 95 degrees Celsius. After a quick rinse, I start with a 15 second steep. For the most part, the flavours are fresh and vegetal. The finish takes a turn towards sweeter floral tones, lots of clover and daisy notes shining at the close of each sip.

I steep the leaves a second time for 30 seconds. The brew is more evenly sweet throughout the sip this time. A delicious nuttiness has also appeared, reminding me of marzipan and cashew butter.

After a 45 second steep, my third cup is mildly vegetal with a honeyed finish. Fennel and buttered spinach come to mind in particular. The feel remains completely smooth and creamy.

I manage to pull 3 more similar steeps from the leaves, following a 1, 2 and 2 and a half minute-long brews. The results are very consistent from one to the next. While not particularly flashy at this point, the cup is satisfying and smooth, with no unpleasant element coming forward.

I also try this tea brewed the Western way, infusing a teaspoonful of leaves in 250ml of water for 3 and a half minutes. The tea is alternately nutty, grassy and floral. It's very smooth and pleasant. Prepared this way, I manage to get two more decent cups.

This offering's flavour profile is smooth and nutty, with a hint of clover honey to the finish. For a review of it's neighbour, Offering B, please click here. It's not complicated and rather mild. I could see myself turning to this leaf at the end of a long day. Overall this tea is a good buy, considering the longevity of of the leaves and its price point.

— To purchase Origin Tea Shan Lin Xi: Yang Zi Wan (A) 2012 Winter, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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One Response to “Review: Origin Tea Shan Lin Xi: Yang Zi Wan (A) 2012 Winter”

  1. Ethan Kurland Says:

    Sophie, I use about the same tea to water ratio for gong fu that you do (although many people use more tea); but, I & most people who use gong fu preparation, would not add so much time for the 2nd preparation as you do. Many people decrease time for a 2nd infusion, some keep it the same; moreover, the increments of time that you add for later infusions is greater than most people would add.
    All that being said, I found Western style (glazed teaware, 1 teaspoon of tea per cup) worked best for this tea & provided 3 good infusions. I use slightly lower temperature than Origin’s suggestion & a little less time.

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