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The folks at"Crazy Bitch" have a straightforward message:  drink our blend of herbs and it will turn you from a haggard, adrenal-fatigued witch into a calm and enlightened sage woman.  How did they know I have been drinking strong black tea by the potfuls since I was 16 and couldn't relax or feel at  peace with the universe until I got off the stuff?

By the time I discovered Crazy Bitch (CB,) I had gone without caffeine for 60 days.  I was feeling much, much, better, but still hadn't found a caffeine-free substitute to brew in my bottomless samovar.  This blend of  dandelion leaf, holy basil, alfalfa  cinnamon, and several other, less familiar plants was certainly a candidate for my short list.

The CB website seems geared toward late baby boomer and Gen-X women.  It is gorgeous and hilariously irreverent.  "Oh NO! Are you having a CRAZY BITCH CRISIS and just NEED THE DAMN TEA NOW!?"  it says at the top of the first page, providing a convenient link to the online store.  For those of us in less of a rush, the rest of the website is invites us to join a movement that "brings harmony to the world around us."  How can I argue with that?  Ah, but does the tea do what is says it does? And is the taste worth it?

Well, if you are pregnant, nursing, have diarrhea, or share tea with your pets, CB is not going to calm you or your cats down.  It contains chasteberry, uva ursi, and meadowsweet.  Some studies have shown these herbs to have diuretic effects, affect female hormone levels, and even cause uterine contractions in high doses.   It also contains catnip.

Since I am a post-menopausal woman who supplies her cats with their own catnip, I should be safe.  So I brewed up a mug and prepared to de-stress.  CB had a soothing smell, mildly cinnamon-like, nutty, and clean.  It tasted well-balanced, smooth, and unlike any tisane I had previously tried.   My taste buds liked it, but the medicinal properties of the herbs gave me pause:  CB is probably not something I should drink all day, every day.  Still, it will be a nice addition to my herbal collection.  I rate it an 8.

— To purchase Crazy Bitch Tea Original Herbal Blend, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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