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Its OK"Its tropical twist on marigold teas does bring sweet, fruity breezes, although the oolong doesn't lay out quite as sunny a lounger."
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If there’s a heaven, it’s bound to be tropical. After all, there’s something about tundra heaven that doesn’t quite work. Oolongs bring their own slice of heaven and are often naturally imbued with tropical flair, so combining tropical fruit and oolong seems as promising as a palm breeze. Kally tea has so many fun flavoured blends and an adept hand at mixin', so their Tropical Heaven Oolong seemed bound to bring some oasis to the cup, featuring a green oolong of some kind, marigold, safflowers and tropical flavours.

Although there aren’t any harps to accompany opening up the tea, heaven drifts up with a fruity welcome. Sweet and aromatic, the tea’s scent bears the marigold’s polleny floral that alludes to a tropical fruitiness. As with most marigold teas, it’s not quite one fruit, yet it does seem a twist on the characteristic dried marigold aroma, that falling somewhere between mango and papaya and seems less peachy than usual. The bouquet also chimes with a cheery lift and dried banana peel notes to pull in the tropics. The tea’s oolong is hard to recognize in the bouquet but it presents a motley of loosely wound nuggets of all sorts of unraveling, in shades of blackish green and a much paler fern-ish green, ended with tan stems. Amidst the oolong, the occasional wisp of thin, pale gold marigold and red safflower add a sprinkle of colour.

Since Kally Tea kindly includes their brewing instructions on their packages, entry to eden is easy peasy. Preparing a leisurely dip of one to one and a half teaspoons in a boiling sea sets the tea a-sail for a three minute steep. As the tea tans the cup to a beigey yellow, it fills the air with a warm, sweet breeze. The tea’s bouquet brims with the marigold’s floral fruitiness. While it has the characteristic mango notes of the flower, the aroma does seem amped up with a slightly artificial kind of dried banana and pineapple, lending more of a tropical fruit smell than the marigold alone. Although not as sweet as the dry leaves, the occasional gasp of a sweetness is sticky, reminding me of the sap-like ooze sometimes seen at the top of ripe mangoes to give it a chiffon-like quality. It's a cheery aloha.

The tea tastes just as sunny, with an upbeat fruitiness shining through the sip. While the marigold adds its cooked peachy mango like bit, the flavour rounds out with a bit more of a tropical flavour, like papaya, so as not to taste too floral, although it does taste a touch like lipstick. Despite that, it has a nice splash of nectary smoothness and a full flavour. Yet, while the fruitiness has a good balance, the tea somehow seems hollow, with little background from the oolong to seem a bit one sided or lacking follow through. Even though flavoured teas are more about the flavour, the absence of a good cushion in the base leaves it kind of off-kilter. The light to medium body still flows alright, as if with the tide, but isn’t quite smooth, rolling out slightly dryly. Although the tea finishes with surprisingly little aftertaste, as one drinks, the marigold's peachy floral lightly lingers.

A second infusion brews up just as brightly. Despite a lighter bouquet, it still carries a breezy sweetness. The scent continues to have a mango-ish slant with a fruity perk,somewhat jello-ish, as drier notes rim the fruitiness. The tea continues to have enough flavour that is similar to the first cup, except the flavour has more of just a tropical citrusy lift with a lighter marigold and a tinge of dried stems. Consequently, it tastes a bit more reminiscent of nail polish, but is still enjoyable enough, while it also feels a touch drier. It seems best to beach the tea at two infusions, as the third starts to smell and taste quite dry despite maintaining a lightly fruity aroma and flavour.

Packing on up the lounger and lotion, Kally Tea’s Tropical Heaven Oolong does radiate with a bright floral fruitiness. Although, it might not be absolutely heavenly, it does seem to have more tropical perk over the many marigold blends. Unfortunately, the tea’s oolong isn’t as perky, leaving the fruitiness a bit adrift. Regardless, with a down to earth price and a sunny disposition, it's an easy way to float on up a tropical cup while saving to visit a real tropical haven.

— To purchase Kally Tea Tropical Heaven Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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