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Thumbs up!"If you love tea but not the caffeine, this could be your go-to everyday beverage. Beware of allergies, though."
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daokrajmulberryI recently had to cut way back on the amount of caffeine I consume.  "Fatigue, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, low iron, and muscle tension, are all symptoms of caffeine sensitivity," said my progressive and diplomatic M.D.  She knew I was a tea aficionado and reviewer.  Still, she strongly suggested I cut back to "one cup a day."  "Yeah, right," I thought. But a few months later, I was feeling so sluggish, I decided to obey.

One cup a day did not lift me out of the fog. So I decided to go through a 30 day caffeine detox. I feel so much better, and learned that the most I can do is 12 ounces of tea once or twice a week.

Since I must always have a hot beverage nearby, I have a new-found interest in herbal teas. Fortunately, tisanes are abundant. Unfortunately, I don't like many of them. Mulberry leaf tea, I hoped, would be salvivic.

For starters, it looked like tea. It was leaves, after all, not the needly bits of a rooibos or big chunks of fruit or flowers present in many herbal blends.  The color was a respectable light green, which fooled my brain into thinking I was drinking a Dragon Well or a white peony-in other words, real tea.

The taste was milder than camellia sinensis, but it had enough of that vegetal, umami presence to be quite satisfying. Plus it was loaded with vitamins and minerals--calcium, potassium, B vitamins and more. I loved it!

But about 15 minutes after downing a 12 ounce pot, I began to get itchy all over. My chest tightened up. Was I the victim of a mosquito or bee, or was it the tea? Before I bought a few pounds of this delicious, medicinal leaf, I did some research. Sadly, the mulberry tree or bush is full of pollen. Brewing up the leaves can trigger hives or asthma in some folks.  I have asthma. Bummer.

If you don't have a sensitive respiratory system, Daokrajai's Mulberry Leaf could be a great herbal drink for you. It tastes great. Allergic reaction aside, I rate it a 10.

— To purchase Daokrajai Mulberry Leaf Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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