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Its OK"There's no spirit, no joie de vivre."
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teyamassilverpearlsdarjWhen I think of a tea called "silver pearls," I think of delicate, fuzzy balls of tea that are, well, primarily silver in colour. But I was disappointed to see that these are crunchy, dark brown balls with only the occasional streak of silver. And after three minutes, they brew into a surprisingly dark brown-amber liquor. From the sounds of the name, I expected a delicate, subtle blend, but from the look of the leaf and liquor, I was bracing myself for a heavy-handed cup that's probably a little too bold.

Yet I got neither. The actual flavour is surprisingly bland. With a backing of malt and a slight bitterness, it's slightly fruity and strongly acidic in a strawberry-flavoured wine sort of way. No matter; since I only used a teaspoon per cup, perhaps its lacklustre flavour could be brought to life with double the leaf. But even at two teaspoons a cup, nothing pops. The best I can say is that there's an interesting fruitiness, but that's masked by the startling acidity.

It's not a bad cup, certainly not bad enough that I'm dumping it down the sink. It's just that it totally lacks any depth or, and I know how ridiculous this sounds but please try to understand what I mean here, soul. There's no spirit, no joie de vivre, no character. I hope you're picking up what I'm laying down because I'm running out of metaphors. It's so unforgettable in either a good or bad way that this fact is almost memorable in itself. I'd say I don't recommend it, but if you asked me about this in a few days, I wouldn't be able to tell you one way or the other. But, lest you think I'm being too harsh towards this poor, defenseless tea, you should know that my disappointment stems in large part from the fact that the other Darjeeling leaf I've tried so far from Teayama was rather more remarkable.

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