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Not Great"The jasmine scenting is so strong here that I can’t help but wonder if artificial agents have been added. The blend is a soapy, astringent drink that is barely drinkable. I can’t recommend this tea to anyone."
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DaokralogoThe folks at Daokrajai Tea describe this unusual blend as a “soothing jasmine bouquet accompanying an intricate Oolong tea”. Grown and produced in Northern Thailand, it contains 95% tea and 5% jasmine. Looking at my sample, the leaves have been rolled into large clusters. Their colouring is peculiar, being a golden green hue. They are scented with an aggressively potent, chemical-seeming jasmine perfume.

In the absence of specific brewing instructions, I use my standard procedures for oolongs. I steep a heaping teaspoonful in 250ml of water heated to 90 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes. The resulting cup is a dark tan colour, with again, a nostril-searing, floral scent. Taking a sip, the effect is the same taste-wise. The jasmine is so strong that it’s unpleasantly astringent, and overtakes any flavour that the oolong might have contributed. The tea improves somewhat as it cools but the lack of balance keeps this cup into seriously soapy territory.

I brew a second cup for 4 minutes, hoping that the first round will have washed out some of the jasmine taste. Unfortunately that is not the case. The flowery perfume still lingers unpleasantly on the tongue and the flavour of the oolong is again nowhere to be found. My tastebuds are so overwhelmed with the jasmine's flavour that I decide to call it a day.

While I’m usually a fan of strongly floral teas, this blend is just too much for me. The jasmine scenting is so strong that I can’t help but wonder if artificial agents have been added. The results are a soapy, astringent drink that is barely drinkable. If I were to brew this tea again I would use only half a teaspoonful of leaves or twice the volume of water. I can’t recommend this tea to anyone. A much better bet from Daokrajai is their fine black tea.

— To purchase Daokrajai Tea Jasmine Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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