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Thumbs up!"I would love to have this tea all winter long as my afternoon pick me up."
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palanquincardomanCardamom is one of my favorite spices in the winter. It adds a unique flavor to baked goods and I love chai tea that has a strong flavor of cardamom. However, I have never had a tea that is purely flavored with cardamom.

Palanquin Tea only comes in tea bags, not loose leaf. But my first experience with Palanquin was good, so I was looking forward to trying this spicy black tea. And my expectations were well met!

The owners have a vast knowledge of black tea, herbs and spices, and from the taste, you can tell that only the freshest and highest quality of ingredients are used. I am certain of this because I have cooked both with basic bottled ground cardamom, as well as fresh cardamom seeds brought to me as a gift from Saudi Arabia. There is an identifiable difference in the flavor of fresh cardamom!

The tea bags, too, have a different feel than the typical tea bag. They are heavier and lumpier - meaning they are not just made up of tea dust.

This cardamom tea brews a nice full bodied cup of tea! It could easily be a breakfast tea, or a nice substantial afternoon tea. It takes milk and sugar really well, and I found that this was my favorite way to drink it. I steeped the tea bag anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes. I never got a bitter cup of tea. It changed the strength of the tea and I like a strong tea if it's not bitter, so I tended towards 5 - 5.5 minutes.

They say that "Cardamom has been used from ancient times to improve digestion and act as mouth freshener. It also stimulates and gives clarity to the mind." Interestingly, I was having some stomach problems this week and I found this tea to be very soothing on my stomach. I'm sure with such a rich cup of tea, there is a decent amount of caffeine so clarity of mind is a given!

I would love to have this tea all winter long as my afternoon pick me up. I don't need to eat when drinking this tea because it is so flavorful. If I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I just add a bit of sugar to the tea. And I really love the cardamom flavor. This is one of the best tea bags I've come across!

— To purchase Palanquin Tea Cardamom Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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