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Thumbs up!"The rich ceylon compliments the sweet vanilla. The acidic chun mee compliments the floral safflower. Along with a nice flavor, there are many health benefits."
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tandttibetanTea and Tea, is a tea company in England that aims to provide fine quality teas. Their Tibetan Garden is a black ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. The ingredients of this tea are ceylon, chun mee, bamboo, lotus, safflower, sea buckthorn berries, vanilla cuts, and natural aroma. I was interested in trying this tea since I was unfamiliar with chun mee, sea buckthorn berries, and lotus. Chun mee is a green tea that is typically more acidic and less sweet then other green teas. Sea buckthorn berries, also know as seaberries, are acidic little berries mostly located in China. They are high in vitamin C. Lotus is a little pink flower. Sometimes, green tea is stuffed inside these flowers in order to create lotus tea. Other times, the petals or roots are simply dried and used to make tea. Though I’m not certain, I’m thinking that this tea contains dried, white lotus leaves. As I looked the tea mix, I could pick out many of the ingredients. The bamboo is flat and looks like dried leaves. The safflower petals are bright red and add lovely color to the tea leaves.
I steeped 2 teaspoons of this tea in a cup and a half of water. Despite being black tea, it is on the weak side and I ended up steeping more tea than I typically would. Though this tea is considered black tea, it almost contained more green tea. The water turned light yellow due to the chun mee. It smelled like a mix of flowers, grass, and vanilla, but mostly vanilla. I absolutely love vanilla so I enjoyed the smell of this tea as it steeped. After letting the tea steep for 6 minutes, I took a sip. Though the smell was very sweet, the taste was more bitter and far more grassy due to the chun mee. The ceylon made it rich, though I think I would’ve preferred more ceylon flavor and less chun mee. The sea buckthorn berries added a bit of acidity to this tea. Despite the bitter and acidic ingredients, The sweet vanilla flavor remained and made the tea more sweet. The safflower and lotus added a floral note as you first take a sip. This tea isn’t very smooth though and it leaves an interesting aftertaste. The aftertaste isn’t bad, but it isn’t great. It lingered in my mouth for an hour after drinking this tea.
All the ingredients in this tea seem to blend well, despite the aftertaste. The rich ceylon compliments the sweet vanilla. The acidic chun mee compliments the floral safflower. Along with a nice flavor, there are many health benefits. Bamboo is rich in fiber and antioxidants. Bamboo also promotes hair and nail growth. Lotus is used often in Chinese medicine and is said to have a calming effect. Sea buckthorn berries are high in vitamin C and saffron can help boost your immune system.

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