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Thumbs up!"Rich chocolate, malt and toffee notes mingle with more robust wood and tobacco tones. Yum!"
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yezijinpinYezi Tea generously includes 3 free samples with any order. I was curious to try this Chinese tea, grown on a small organic farm, located in the Nanhu Mountain range. What really piqued my interest though was the description combining ‘strong smoky flavour with contrasting tones of chocolate and caramel’. Also I really love the creamy sweetness of this farmer’s other black teas: Yi Fu Chun (reviewed here) and Qing Pin. Looking at my sample, the slender, curly leaves feature a strong smoke, pipe tobacco and malt aroma. Their gold and ebony hues make for an attractive mix.

I brewed this tea gongfu style, infusing 3 grams of leaf in 150ml of water for 20 seconds. The cup quickly colours to a burnt orange hue. The chocolate and baked bread aroma is very enticing. Taking a sip, the tea is smooth and very sweet, with just a hint of wood and smoke. The finish lingers lazily with brown sugar, toffee and malt notes. Yes indeed, I could drink this all day!

The folks at Yezi Tea suggest that 3 to 4 cups can be had this way, adding 15 seconds to each subsequent brew. My second cup is less sweet and more robust, featuring oak, burnt toast and dark chocolate notes. The velvety and enveloping texture feels luxurious, and is my favourite part of the steep.

After 50 seconds, my third cup is very similar to the second: smooth and creamy yet smoky, with a good amount of woody notes. It somehow manages the perfect balance between rugged toasted grains and silky cocoa tones.

My fourth cup is less enjoyable. Following a 65 second-long brew, the cup has a bitter, coffee-like edge to it. It’s not terrible, especially since the latter is mixed with lots of dark chocolate tones, but it lacks a gentler, smoother element to balance it out.

I try a fifth steep, just out of curiosity. After 1 minute 20, the cup is back to a pleasantly sweet, malty profile! The bitter cocoa and coffee notes have disappeared. It makes for a very simple brew but much more enjoyable than the previous to my palate. I also attempt for a sixth infusion, following a 2 minute-long brew. I don’t recommend it, as it’s little more than hot water.

This is yet another winner from farmer Huang Jian. This tea’s generous profile is complex yet easy to enjoy. Rich chocolate, malt and toffee notes mingle with more robust wood and tobacco tones. Also, in my experience, the service from Yezi is friendly and efficient. Kudos all around!

— To purchase Yezi Tea Jin Pin Black Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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