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Thumbs up!"Straight-shooting and emblematic of black teas, Cameron's Assam is no-nonsense, refreshing, and unforgivably bold."
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cameronsunmoonlakeMy reviews of Cameron's collection are well behind the recent barrage of excellent reviews from fellow tea drinkers, so for practical purposes, my praise for the company itself will be concise. Obviously, the team at Cameron Tea knows what it's doing. Each and every tea from what seems to be a shop directly nestled in Taiwan is demonstrably sui generis. Such stated, Cameron's Taiwanese selection focuses on classics and, insofar as specific varietals, does not delve far from the norm.

Straight-shooting and emblematic of black teas, Cameron's Assam is no-nonsense, refreshing, and unforgivably bold. Initially, I found puzzling the name of this tea, given that Assam is actually a region in India, known very well for its production of black tea. But in the early 20th century, the Taiwanese imported to their home state the famous tea, finding Sun Moon Lake (the region in which this tea is found) as the most ideal and reliable region for growing it. This, expectedly, is from where Cameron's stock of Assam is sourced.

As a tea found in the popular blend English Breakfast, Assam black is robust and minutely astringent. Cameron's Assam embodies both of these characteristics, and adds to its blend a phenomenally smooth taste and mouthfeel. A slight smokiness is detectable, or perhaps more accurately, a minor woodiness. For a tea so full-bodied, this special Assam is certainly not without an enjoyable sweetness.

Each infusion presents an intricate blend of caramel and subtle creaminess with a smooth and rounded mouthfeel. Notes are subtle, however, and are nothing in comparison to the general boldness of this tea's brew. In rushes a strong, slightly tannic wave off the end of each sip, which quickly dissipates due to the dryness of the tea. To be sure, every brew of this tea is nothing short of substantive but the dryness does have the potential to give off the perception of a thinner tea.

Interestingly, Cameron's Assam (both premium and competition) is noticeably sweeter than its Indian counterparts, perhaps due to Taiwan's favorable climate for lush and thick varieties of essentially any class of tea. Cameron Tea of course must be awarded some of the credit for harboring a superb product.

Comparatively, Cameron's Assam is among the best of its kind. But an Assam is still a fairly simple tea. For this reason, a rating can only reach so high. Rest assured, for any Assam lover, this is your new favorite buy.

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  1. teaguy Says:

    Nice tea! Amazing quality.

    My Rating: 10/10

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