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Thumbs up!"Telling you that I finished the whole tin, tells you how much I enjoyed it!"
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majanilogoMajani Tea is a new company founded in 2012. Their goal is to find and sell naturally grown, organic, fair trade Kenyan teas. Fair trade benefits both the small scale tea farmers and consumers. They export teas worldwide.

They have a small but excellent offering. Two black teas, a black breakfast tea, two green teas, a white tea and an oolong tea.

My loose leaf black tea arrived in a sealed foil bag to protect it from air and sunlight and then sealed tightly in a very pretty tin. I was able to keep the tea in this bag, roll it shut and the tea stayed fresh in the tin until I had drunk it all!

The tea is a dark brown with some soft caramel colored stems. It had a scent that reminded me of a ceylon. Because the leaves were fairly large, I had a hard time using a tea scoop to measure the tea. So instead, I used 3 fingers and my thumb and took a large pinch of tea. This was approximately a teaspoon full.

I drank all of this tea in my 4 cup pot as my morning black tea. Telling you that I finished the whole tin, tells you how much I enjoyed it! I used 3 pinches for each pot and let it steep in a strainer for 5-6 min and then removed the strainer.

I always started with fresh cold water, and brought it just to boil. It's a medium bodied tea so I preferred to steep it for 6 minutes. But if I went beyond that, the tea got quite bitter. So, unless you are like me and like to get your tea as strong as you can, I would suggest steeping it for 4-5 minutes.

The tea brews up a beautiful deep golden brown. I always use milk and sugar in my morning tea and this tea took both very well, though I had to be careful not to overdo it with the milk.

I found the flavor profile to be closer to a ceylon than an assam or china tea, and yet, it was unique in flavor. The description on the website says "toasty notes, with a hint of caramel, and sweet finish with a touch of spice". To be honest, I think this description gives the impression that this tea is has a complex flavor. I, on the other hand, would say it had a gently simple flavor.

Simple is not bad. It's not the type of tea that you mindlessly take a sip of and it suddenly jerks your attention to it's flavor. It's more like a favorite sweater you feel really comfortable in... a flavor you can settle down with and sip at leisure. It is a slightly sweet black tea, and if I was to put any flavor notes on it, it would be an after taste of orchard fruit.

All of that to say, I really, really enjoyed this tea. It's simple gentle profile and medium body makes it a black tea that many people would enjoy. And it made for a wonderful month of morning tea for me! And I must admit, I always like it when I am drinking a tea that is fair trade. I enjoy thinking of the small scale farmers and knowing that I am drinking tea from a company who cares about people and the environment.

— To purchase Majani Imara Organic Black Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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