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Thumbs up!"I love orange, but this brew hot just seemed too tart for me. I tried it iced, and it was much, much better. T"
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Martea says: “This medium bodied Chinese oolong has the sweet essence of orange, perfect served hot or iced.” I didn’t think that the orange was very sweet, to me it tasted quite tart. To be fair, I brewed two cups, thinking that the orange would mellow with another infusion, but it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love orange, but this brew hot just seemed too tart for me. I tried it iced, and it was much, much better. The orange was sweeter once cold, I had two glasses then, and didn’t even need sweetener.

The look of the tea is very pretty. Dark oolong leaves mixed with bright orange bits convey the crisp scent of orange that wafts up from the tea. As it steeps the orange gets more and more powerful. I loved it iced, if you like a tart orange, you will like this tea hot as well. As for me, ice cubes please!

Elite Tie Guan Yin of the highest category, for its production uses only the best tea leaves are collected manually. Tie Guan Yin - the most famous oolong tea variety produced in the south of Fujian province, Anxi County. Good quality oolong tea is determined by the size of the sheet - it must be intact. Fermentation affects only the edges of the sheet, and the taste of oolong tea is composed of harmony of two colors - the taste of processed tea and natural. Infusion varies from pinkish to golden color with a strong peach flavor and rich aroma; Oolong Tie Guan Yin is inherent in a long honeyed finish. How to cook: 1 teaspoon infuser 150 ml. water. Brew 1 minute at a water temperature of 70-80 C. can be brewed several times.


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