Best Tea Companies

Best Tea Companies

This is a list of the top 30 tea companies on Teaviews, ranked by the weighted average* of all reviews published to date of tea blends and varieties from each respective company. In order to provide meaningful and balanced rankings, only companies with 15 or more reviews published on are considered for this list.

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RankCompanyWeighted Avg.
#1American Tea Room (198 reviews)8.35
#2Norbu Tea (78 reviews)8.27
#3Canton Tea Co. (229 reviews)8.26 (49 reviews)8.09
#5Thunderbolt Tea (48 reviews)8.07
#6Joys Teaspoon (61 reviews)8.06
#7JING Tea (168 reviews)7.99
#8Mellow Monk (35 reviews)7.94
#9Mark T. Wendell (115 reviews)7.93
#10Verdant Tea (18 reviews)7.91
#11Butiki Teas (17 reviews)7.86
#12Driftwood Tea (30 reviews)7.83
#13Vicony Teas (20 reviews)7.81
#14Mountain Tea (29 reviews)7.78
#15White August Tea Co. (45 reviews)7.77
#16Up N Atom (18 reviews)7.77
#17Eco Cha (15 reviews)7.75
#18California Tea House (76 reviews)7.74
#19Vintage Tea Company (19 reviews)7.73
#20Rishi Tea (136 reviews)7.73
#21Life in Teacup (47 reviews)7.69
#22Davidsons Tea (20 reviews)7.68
#23Teavivre (58 reviews)7.61
#24Happy Earth Tea (19 reviews)7.60
#25Drink the Leaf (49 reviews)7.57
#26LeafSpa Organic Tea (21 reviews)7.57
#27Lupicia Tea (27 reviews)7.56
#28Lu Lin Tea (19 reviews)7.56
#29The Necessiteas (189 reviews)7.56
#30Murchies Tea and Coffee (17 reviews)7.55

* As of September 2010, "Top Company" averages are weighted using a Bayesian formula, to take into account the number of reviews each has received, as well as the average rating across all reviews. The average scores displayed above are the weighted average. This means, for example, that a company with an average rating of 7.5 and 95 votes would be ranked slightly higher than a company with a higher average rating of 7.55, but with just 15 votes.

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