Tea retailers!  If you want to get your product in front of 30,000 tea lovers each month for FREE, please drop us a line via this contact form, or email us directly at admin -at- teaviews.com.  Teaviews.com is by far the largest tea review site on the web, and is visited by thousands of tea enthusiasts every week who are looking to make their next tea-related purchases.  Getting your products listed at Teaviews.com is simply the best and most cost-effective way of marketing your products to an ever-growing online audience of tea consumers.

Samples can be sent to us directly at:

We are currently not accepting new samples at this time.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

We generally recommend that retailers send at least enough of each blend/variety to brew 12-15 proper cups of tea.  This allows us to portion each out to multiple reviewers, and allow each to brew at least 2-3 cups using various steeping times, water temperatures, etc. in order to coax out the best possible flavor from your teas.

Your teas will be made available to our reviewing staff immediately upon receipt, and will be reviewed only by reviewers who specifically want to review them.   Our staff of reviewers hand-select each tea they wish to review – so your silver needle will never be reviewed by someone who hates white teas, and your pu-erh will never go to a reviewer who doesn’t enjoy pu-erh varieties.

Please note – except in cases where your tea samples are individually-sized and packaged, we generally portion out your tea in our own individual flavor-seal baggies to each of our reviewers, to get the maximum number of reviews per blend. This means that your original packaging materials are not included with their samples. Usually our reviewers will refer to a vendor’s web site for information on each blend (ingredients, brewing parameters, etc.) – however, if your web site does not have this information, you may wish to send individual paper instructions or reference material for your teas which we can forward to each reviewer. You may also send this information via email in a Word doc or PDF, and we can distribute it to our reviewers that way.

If you have other tea-related products (teaware, gadgets, books, etc.) or if your product is in liquid form please contact us first before shipping – we will usually ask you to ship directly to an individual reviewer, as we are unable to reship large, heavy, liquid or fragile items to our staff.

Reviews can take 4-8 weeks to appear on the site.  Our reviewers hand-select each tea they want to review from our current inventory, and due to the sheer number of samples we receive we cannot guarantee that any particular tea will be reviewed within that time-frame, or at all (although most teas received at Teaviews do get at least one review).  Any unrequested samples are discarded within 4 months of receipt, to ensure that our reviewers are given only teas at their optimal freshness.

Thank you for your interest in Teaviews!

If you’d like to contact us directly, please email admin – at – teaviews.com.