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Old 05-01-2012, 12:38 PM
Daniel Scott Daniel Scott is offline
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Wow, TeaPr1ncess, that's absolutely awful!

I cannot help but mentally compare this to my current job, which is relatively high-pressure sales as well in a pricey mall. We too have a concept similar to "average ticket," although it is an "average ticket" for the whole store, not individual people. Our "average ticket" is lower, generally (more like $30), and our products probably average out to about $7 an item, so you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to make that ticket since you only have to convince people to buy about 3-5 at a time. You'd think wrong, because people use up our products slowly, and because our company gives out way too many coupons. We're expected to make up the price difference in upselling, and it's virtually impossible to do so.

I often find myself angrily resenting those customers who come in and buy $25 or less. Especially when they are spending only the minimum to use a coupon to get a huge chunk off their purchase, particularly when they're firm about not being upsold even by a dollar. Consciously I know that it's unfair to them to feel that way (and no, I never act like it - I have been in sales for years, and I am an excellent actor within that limited range) as I know I would behave the same way as a customer. (And have, at other stores.) They are doing nothing wrong.

That doesn't change the fact, however, that they are the people who cost me and my coworkers huge amounts of stress because we get told daily what an awful job we're doing selling when our numbers dip by even a few percentage points. It is the fault of the sales team for not somehow squeezing more money out of people who don't want to spend it.

It's a job I've been doing for a while now, and you get strangely used to it, but I don't even want to think about how much more awful it would be if that "ticket" were something individual to each person! At least with the numbers being applied to the whole store, everyone takes the blame when we get a rush of customers who all want only a few dollars worth of product.

I find now that when I go to stores and they do not try to "sell" to me that I appreciate it that much more because I know it is probably costing them to some degree to not push me. Teavana recently bought out Teaopia (I live in Canada), and I am crushed that the Teaopia teas I loved will inevitably be discontinued. But now I am also thinking of how the staff will feel about me! I am a regular enough at Teaopia that when the staff see me coming, they will wave to me when I am still several stores away! They spend lots of time talking to me about tea and life in general. But I am a student and often stop in for only one or two things - one bag of tea, one bottle of honey. I hate the idea that I will now be the dreaded ticket-lowering customer instead of a regular supporter of the store that they like to see coming.

I think Teavana's business model sounds appalling for tea. Tea shouldn't be sold in large amounts - it will go stale! I would never buy a pound of tea, even one I liked a lot.
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Old 05-04-2012, 07:50 AM
TeaPr1ncess TeaPr1ncess is offline
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I cringe whenever I manipulate a tea newbie into buying a pound of something they've never had before.

The lowest amount Teavana can sell you of a single tea is 2 oz. However, we are not allowed to say this, and we are not allowed to show the bag. We must speak "in pounds", meaning we mention "we recommend a 1/4 lb" or "if you buy a lb you get a 10% discount". I have, because of this, taken the last of people's money, including a 9 year old girl's birthday money. It kills me...but I have to do it because I need the hours.

I am just trying to help you guys see things from the Team Members' perspective. We don't want to be pushy, at least not those of us who are any kind of decent people, but we do know that if we don't upsell we will lose money. That is a good motivator for anyone college aged, I think...

It is hard not to resent people that come in and are "just looking", or people who only buy $25 worth of stuff, because in a way you feel like they could cost you your paycheck...
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Old 05-06-2012, 06:18 PM
bree!z bree!z is offline
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Default teavana

Wow, what an interesting thread. I'm fairly new to loose tea, started drinking some adagio mint tea 4yrs ago then stopped. I started up again this past winter and although teavana does tend to upsell if it weren't for them I probably wouldn't have become nearly as curious about tea as I have.

I have found that when I go into the store depending on how busy they are and perhaps what part of the calculated "average ticket" period they're at the aggressive sales pitch varies. TeaPr1ncess, is the average ticket a roling calculation or is it based on the month? So, if you did poorly in Janurary you can start out fresh in feburary....

Either way, the idea of selling tea in bulk, to the average consumer is absurd. I'm sorry that your company feels that is the best business plan. Even more so when the general population is still recovering from the last financial crisis.

I'm trying to expand my tea purchases to other distrubutors but if I find myself in a pinch I'll still shoot over to my local teavana.
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Old 05-07-2012, 10:32 PM
TeaPr1ncess TeaPr1ncess is offline
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Yes, the average ticket is calculated by the week, and by the month, so if you perform poorly one month you can definitely pick it up again the next.

I was fired today from Teavana...it was for the best. I don't fit there as far as the type of salesperson they want: I don't like to recite a script and I don't like to push people. In the future I will be taking my business to Adagio because from what I have heard and seen it is worlds better than Teavana.
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Old 08-11-2012, 04:33 PM
vlistello vlistello is offline
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Wow! I was searching Google for information on Teavana's teas and I came across this forum... I went into a Teavana store for the first time this week and left kinda upset... I've had the same experience with their aggressive upsell strategies.

The very first time I went it I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the taste of their teas. I am normally a coffee drinker but wanted to give tea a try. The girl who helped me was very nice and I decided on two teas, one white and one flavored but I did not purchase anything because I was in a hurry. She wasn't pushy but when I came back the next day, good Lord.

She wasn't working the next day but as soon as I walked in a pushy sales associate practically attacked me. I told him I was in the day before and I knew what I wanted but he insisted on showing me more teas, I knew what he was up to but I agreed.

This guy pushed at least eight teas on me. One would speed up my metabolism, one would help me shed water weight, I could blend them all together... blah blah blah. He talked and talked, and talked. Barely came up for air. I realized that all of it would be very expensive and told him several times that I wasn't willing to spend a hundred dollars on teas, jokingly of course... because it's not like teas could be that highly priced, or so I thought.

I decided on two teas. He didn't even ask me if I wanted tins, he just put the teas in and rang me up... I figured the tins were standard. So I get to the register and he says, "that will be $111.00"

I laughed at the guy. I have no idea if he overpoured the teas or if I was just overwhelmed with his conversation that I didn't notice the prices but I told him to go kick rocks.
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Old 11-05-2012, 02:37 AM
CJ's Avatar
CJ CJ is offline
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Default My Teavana Two Cents

Great topic.
I'm glad I'm not the only one with a negative view of Teavana. I have never had an enjoyable experience there. The put sugar in ALL their samples and when I asked them why, the associate said, "People don't generally like the taste of tea, so we sweeten it."

As a tea lover, I was appalled, but since they make so much money, they seem to be on to something. In America, people like sweet, gargantuan drinks in domed, plastic containers that can accommodate whipped cream. A tiny, hot, bowl of leaves is just so....un American!

I only go in there to get something when I'm desperate, and I remain focused. Their pots and cups are beautiful, but so expensive. Their teas, too, are just too expensive for the quality. They are good, but I get better elsewhere.
brew, smell, cool, THEN sip, cuz its cool to be a tea nerd


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Old 09-08-2013, 06:48 PM
Teasenz Teasenz is offline
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Never tried teas from Teavana, but I think Teavana is doing a great job when it comes to branding, though I like the branding from Davidstea a little more.
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Old 09-29-2013, 08:46 AM
marycm06 marycm06 is offline
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Thumbs down 1st timer

I'm really new to teas, but have heard so much and have read about it for months. While in the mall I came upon a lady from teavana giving out sample, let her know I was interested on there tea, but would love to know more. Probably my first mistake, she took me inside to a gentleman behind the counter, he was very knowledgeable about their teas! When I stated I first wanted to know how expensive they were, he ignored me. They were also really busy he hurried along everything, he was really persistent. When I told him which I liked l he took a tin out asked if a 1/4 lb would be enough, he put it on the scale told me how much and I was shocked! I told him I didn't want to spend that much, he said he couldn't pour any out. Story short, I left spending over $100 on tea I just found out about, and I didn't even buy anything to make it with! My husband was very angry at me for being pressured in buying expensive tea!!
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