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Thumbs down."Tastes like peppermint tree bark with a hint of butterscotch thrown in for good measure. One of the most revolting tea experiences I've had in ages..."
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organicpeppermint50ct1.jpgI was shopping at Barnes & Noble the other day, absent-mindedly waiting in line at the cafe for a fresh-brewed iced tea (yes, part of the ongoing QPIT - Quest for the Perfect Iced Tea). What I got was ok, a passion-fruit blend which was definitely refreshing, just a tad heavy on the fruit flavor. It was so overwhelmingly fruity, and the color such a deep red that you practically forgot you were drinking a tea at all. Still, on a hot day it scratched my itch and its something I'd order again if there were no better alternatives. (How's that for noncommittal?)

Anyway, this review isn't about B&N's tea, but rather its about Harney & Sons's Peppermint Herbal tea - a tin which caught my eye whilst waiting on line at the B&N cafe. I'm a sucker for peppermint tea, and my stocks at home had long ago dwindled to nothing, so I picked it up for $7.95 (loose, 3 oz). Brought it home, opened the can and took the obligatory First Whiff - absolutely delightful. Quite possibly one of the best mint teas I've ever smelled. But, as I've said before, tea's for drinkin', not for sniffin', and so I got down to business brewing up a batch in my trusty IngenuiTEA.

Alas, much like Adagio's Earl Grey Bravo, the aroma and the taste were two completely different things.

I was prepared for a crisp, sharp, refreshing brew... the kind that fills your nostrils with that almost medicine-like minty flavor while you drink it. The kind that cools and tingles your throat as you swallow. This just wasn't it.

Of course, the key word here was Peppermint Herbal. This brew had all the worst qualities of herbal teas, with none of the benefits. Perhaps most galling was the aftertaste... almost like tree bark sprinkled with butterscotch. Most aftertastes last just a brief instant, immediately following the swallow, and then dissipate quickly on the next inhalation. This one didn't, it persisted... ten minutes after I drank this tea, I still tasted that awful bark/butterscotch combination. Simply awful.

Yet another tin of leaves that smells wonderful but makes appallingly bad tea. I really hope my fiancee takes up craftwork one of these days, because she'll have no lack of tea-potpourri to work with. I'll not be drinking this one again anytime soon.
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3 Responses to “Review: Harney & Sons Peppermint Herbal Tea”

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  2. William Says:

    Bad batch? (I didn’t know that B&N sold Harney’s loose…I thought that they just had the satchets). Harney’s peppermint (steeped at boiling for five minutes) is perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Great aroma, no muddiness, certainly no bark flavors–just really fresh, light, clean.

  3. Keiko Wharff Says:

    Rooibos tea has been very beneficial to me. I had bleeding gums when I flossed. My dentist has told me that my gums look healthier and they no longer bleed. I drink it all day long and I feel so much healthier. This is the first time that I have actually enjoyed tea with out sugar because it has a natural sweetness to it. I am also hypoglycemic. My over all well being has changed. My skin looks better. I feel more relaxed and my menstrual cycle is not half as painful as it used to be. I have only been drinking it for two months and I truly feel that rooibos tea should be a must in every household. It is flu season here in Arizona and many people around me have been touched by a cold or flu. I feel great (knock on wood!) I just wish that I had discovered it about 10 years ago and not two months ago. Thank you for making this gift available to everyone!

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