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Its OK"A drinkable blend, though not quite as tasty as it smells. The strawberry flavoring is a bit too artificial for my tastebuds..."
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strawberry-adagio.jpgLike almost all of Adagio's teas, their Strawberry black tea smells absolutely wonderful straight from the tin. When my latest order from Adagio arrived today, with eight new flavors I've not tried before, I had a hard time deciding which one to try. The one I probably anticipated the least was strawberry. I'm generally not a huge fan of berry-flavored teas - they generally taste either too tart and bitter or too sweet and artificial. But as I was opening the tins and dipping my nose into each one for the traditional sniff-sniff, I really, really loved the aroma of the strawberry tea. So, that was the first one on the brewing block.

How was it? Well, not bad. Again, like most Adagio teas, it smelled differently from how it tasted. In this case not so much a different flavor, but a different amount of flavor. While the aroma of the leaves was absolutely chock-full of a sweet, strawberry scent, the berry taste is really just the tiniest hint in the background, though it becomes a bit more noticeable in what I call the after-aroma. (Like an aftertaste, only you don't taste it, you smell it, after you've swallowed. If you don't know what I'm talking about, swallow a mouthful of flavored tea - or flavored anything - and immediately after, keep your mouth closed and exhale through your nose. The aroma you detect during that exhalation is what I unscientifically call the after-aroma. Does it have a real name? I'm sure it must... anyone?)

Those who like berry-flavored teas will probably love this blend. It neither overly tart nor overly sweet, though it does taste a tad bit artificial. For me, its probably not something I'd order again, though before I make that decision I'll probably try it as an iced tea. I think it might work a bit better in that arena. And although I don't generally sweeten my teas, a hint of sugar would probably draw out the flavor of the strawberries even more.

So, although I'm putting this in my "Ambivalent" category, I think it would definitely be a crowd-pleaser among those who genuinely enjoy berry-flavored teas. I just don't happen to be a member of that crowd.
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