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spoon-tea.jpg The Chicago Tribune put out an article today briefly summarizing some of the highlights of this year's World Tea Expo. Seems folks are trying to put green tea into anything and everything besides actual green tea - candy bars, energy drinks, gum, you name it. I'm not sure why, its not like drinking green tea is some sort of chore or unpleasant task. But I suppose folks who are used to a dark brew still can't get past the fact that just because their tea is translucent, doesn't mean it won't taste good.

The one item that caught my eye was Sympatea's "spoon-tea". They're trying to open up the loose tea market to folks who are just too plumb lazy to deal with loose tea (and yes, I know, I was once one of them). Their innovation - package their "loose tea" inside disposable plastic spoons. You drop the tea-filled spoon into a cup of hot water, mix it about until the brew is done, and then throw away the spoon. No muss, no fuss.

I've got a few problems with this.

First, doesn't the act of containing "loose tea" inside plastic make it no longer, by definition, "loose tea"? The idea is to let the tea leaves swim about freely, maximizing their surface-area-to-water ratio and extracting the full flavor of the tea. These "tea-spoons" seem pretty compact to me, so I wonder how good a brew will actually result.

I also wonder what kind of plastic is being used, and whether it might impart any kind of bitter or otherwise unappealing flavor to the tea.

But I guess, most of all, I just wonder - why? How is this any different from a tea-bag? I guess if you're back-packing through Europe, or camping out in the woods somewhere, this could come in handy, but really, who doesn't have room to pack a single metal spoon in their bag?

Besides, most tea-drinkers these days are eco-friendly folk. The idea of chucking a big ol' plastic spoon in the garbage or recycling bin after every brew would almost certainly be anathema to them.

In the end I don't see this being much of a success. Its clever and cute and I suppose it will derive some business from those who like things that are suitably clever and cute, but this novelty will wear off soon enough.

But I've been wrong before.
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  1. Essam Moawad Says:

    I want to find a company produces the tea spoon. I would like to be a distributor in Egypt.

  2. Karen Miller Says:

    do all your flavors come in the spoons

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