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Thumbs up!"I love these filters. If you're still buying prepackaged bags of tea-dust, these inexpensive paper filters will gently ease you into the world of loose leaf teas. "
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adagio-tea-filters.jpgI love Adagio's filters. They're all paper, long and wide, so that you dip the tea in one end and let the long paper top folder over the cup while it brews. The packaging says this allows the tea much more room to circulate and steep, but for me at least, all the tea leaves bunch together at the bottom, forming a tight little knot that didn't seem any better-circulated than a regular teabag. Maybe there's a trick to it - time will tell.

The filter worked fine and left no discernable aftertaste, so I was happy. The only problem I had was the same problem I have with all filters of this ilk. The liquid wicks up to the top of it, so that despite the extra length, anyone who likes a strong brew - i.e. more than 2 minutes - will have to deal with a sopping wet strip of paper at the end of it. In theory, this is an intended "feature" of the bag - you can tell when the steeping is done by seeing how far the liquid has wicked up through the paper. But that assumes every tea you use will require the same amount of steeping, and that's generally not the case.

Nevertheless, I'm a fan of these filters, if only because they look ideal for larger brews, i.e. iced tea by the half gallon. I could use probably two of these filled with loose tea to brew up a nice batch of iced green tea. Just skewer the top of each bag with a chopstick or similar long, pointy device and it should steep just fine without the bag being completely immersed in water. (That'll be my next experiment...)
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  1. GloriaEp22 Says:

    YES!!!! These totally are the best and cheapest tea filters you can get. Makes tea-time easy.

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