Review: Stash Mangosteen Green Tea with Matcha (Loose)

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Thumbs up!"This is one of the most deliciously complex citrus teas I've ever tasted... it instantly became a new favorite."
Stephen’s Teaview: 9/10
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I don't know what exactly prompted me to purchase this tea, and to be honest, when I saw the pouch in my order I thought there must have been some mistake. But no, it turns out I did order this tea, for some strange, unknown karmic reason apparently. And boy am I glad I did.

mangosteen.jpgFirst off, let's discuss the little-known mangosteen. This bizarre little fruit is indigenous to Indonesia and looks on the outside sort of like a dark pomegranate with brussel-sprouts growing out of the top. Inside are white creamy, gooey segments, arranged somewhat like orange slices. I've never actually eaten a fresh mangosteen, but Wikipedia claims it has a "citrusy" flavor with "some peach" thrown in for good measure.

Now for the tea.

One of my most favorite things in the world is to unseal a fresh bag/tin/pouch of tea, thrust my nose inwards and inhale that first flush of flavor deeply into my lungs. Call it a quirk of mine. So of course I did so here, and was somewhat alarmed with the result. The bag's aroma was almost overpowering with citrus notes, almost to the point of resembling the flavor bad cough-medicine. The tea itself is brightly colored, with bright orange flakes and golden bits of dried fruit interspersed among the dark green leaves. I assumed that this would be one of those novelty flavors that had no business being in a tea cupboard and that I'd not be too pleased with the results.

Well, I was dead wrong.

stash-mangosteen.jpgThis is one of the most deliciously complex citrus teas I've ever had, and it instantly became a new favorite. There is a pronounced citrus flavor to the brew, but its not nearly as overpowering as the aroma of the leaves itself. Rather its quite nicely balanced - refreshing but not too-zingy. There are other flavors hiding around in there, but the most obvious one is a "juicy-pear" aftertaste that's absolutely sublime. (If you're a fan of Jelly-Belly jelly beans, this is remarkably similar to their "Juicy Pear" candy flavor). The brew itself is naturally sweet, so those who like to sugar their teas may want to be conservative in this department.

All in all, a wonderful surprise from Stash. Along with their Double-Bergamot Earl Grey, this one is a definite keeper.
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2 Responses to “Review: Stash Mangosteen Green Tea with Matcha (Loose)”

  1. Geoff Says:


    When I was in the Stash Teashop, I had difficulty deciding between that brand and the Yunnan Pu-Erh with Chrysanthemum. I went with the pu-erh.

    Wish I’d held out a little longer now.

  2. GreenTeaLover Says:

    Nice review!

    Just found this wonderful resource on tea reviews and I’m glad I did… going out to buy a box of this today!

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