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Its OK"A tasty citrus infusion, but there's not enough of an herbal base here to fully support the tea."
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teazone-citrus-lemon.jpgHerbal teas are starting to grow on me a bit lately, especially after my near-other-worldly experience with SpecialTeas' After Dark Herbal Melange (which was spectacularly delicious). This one piqued my interest because it paired mint and citrus, two of my most favorite of tea flavors. The actual ingredients are: lemongrass, orange peels, rosebuds and mint.

Even though I steeped it for a full 10 minutes, my first cup seemed a little weak. I chalked it up to not enough leaves, so I upped the quantity and brewed another one the next day. It was marginally stronger but still lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. I felt as though I were drinking the flavoring ingredients that were eventually intended to be put into a tea, but never were. So yes, I tasted the mint, and it was nice, and the citrus and lemongrass, which were nice... but, it just didn't feel like I was drinking a tea. There was no real substantial vegetable base here to prop up all these flavors, like you'd get with a chamomile or a hibiscus. Instead this blend relies more on the lemongrass as a base, which for me was just not enough to completely satisfy.

I think I may try this again in the future, but mixed with a whole-leaf white or delicate green tea. That might give it just that little extra oomph I'm looking for.

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