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Thumbs up!"A velvety taste that immediately made me think of eucalyptus... lemony and refreshing."
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tazo-zen.jpgAfter drinking Tazo's Awake for a little while, I decided to try a green tea. I admit that once again, marketing led to my choice. Since I had an enjoyable experience with Tazo Awake, I decided to see what they offered in green teas. The first one I came across was called Zen. Being interested in Zen philosophy, I naturally decided to try it. (I am truly ashamed). Zen was the first green tea I didn't hate. It was also the first green tea that I loved.

Blended with lemongrass and spearmint leaves, Zen starts with a velvety taste that immediately made me think of eucalyptus. However, this is not an ingredient. The mint doesn't overpower like some of the mint teas I've tried, and the inclusion of lemon grass gives just a hint of lemon. A clean, refreshing aftertaste lingers. Tazo's website describes the flavor as “smooth, earthy, lemony, and refreshing”. I wouldn't describe it as earthy, but the rest is accurate. Although not as bold as the black teas I like, Zen is not a ‘weak' tea.

I was drinking Zen every day until I started experimenting with more teas, and I always recommend it to people who are looking to try a green tea for the first time. I don't add anything to Zen, and I usually let the water cool briefly before pouring it over the bag. I steep for about four minutes as I like a strong tea. If you prefer traditional green teas, steep for three.

— To purchase Tazo Zen, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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3 Responses to “Review: Tazo Zen”

  1. Carl H Says:

    I brew a largish pot of this with an extra green tea bag, very tasty.

  2. Geoff Says:

    I think the “earthy” description applies. I’m not the biggest Tazo advocate (even if they were originally an independent Oregon entity.) However, they’ve surprised me with their Berryblossom White and Zen. I wouldn’t describe ANY Tazo blend as smooth, though. Some are just plain impossible to gulp with a flow. Their Green Ginger blend comes to mind as supporting evidence of this.

    Zen is, though, probably the best of their wares.

  3. silvermage2000 Says:

    This tazo zen tea has green tea,spearmint leaves. Now to be honest I have not had alot of green teas. And they are not my favorite kind of tea.

    But I think this tazo zen tea I’s pretty good. With the slighty lemon taste from the lemongrass. Also the spearmint in this I’s good and not too strong.
    Lastly this has a nice green tea base.

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