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Thumbs up!"A warm and tasty blend of flavors that are well-balanced with a subtle green tea base."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 8/10
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specialteas-vienna-winter-g.jpgI will be the first to admit that I know very little about the different varieties of green tea. This stems entirely from the fact that I simply have not acquired the taste for unflavored green tea, and have always preferred black, white and red teas. I have tried various green teas (senchas, banchas, hojicha etc) and have learned that my taste buds are just not into the distinct earthy taste that green tea offers. On limited occasions (e.g. Adagio's Gen mai cha and Adagio's Vanilla green), I have enjoyed green tea, but only because the additional flavors were included. So for me, reviewing a flavored green tea basically means assessing how well the flavors complement the green tea in order to make the green tea more palatable. I was quite pleased with the way SpecialTeas blended a really varied mix of ingredients to produce a very tasty green tea.

SpecialTeas' Vienna Winter Green is a very unique mix of white chocolate, chamomile, almond, macadamia, pistachio, cocoa kernels, and cracknel. The tea has a wonderful aroma that can best be described as wintery...the typical smells one associates with winter desserts and spiced drinks. There are quite a lot of ingredients going on here, and I actually found it difficult to detect any oner ingredient in particular. After brewing, the tea had a delicate clear yellow color, which I was pleased by, as I have had other flavored green teas which turn unappealingly cloudy due to additions of flavoring ingredients. As with the dry tea blend, the brewed tea had a very warm and inviting aroma, but again, I was unable to identify each unique ingredient. I was very pleased with the taste of the tea because the green tea used is very delicate and not overpowering. I found the strongest flavor components to be the nuts (which are pistachio and macadamia, although I just tasted a general "nuttiness" and not a distinct pistachio or macadamia flavor). There was also a mild chocolate flavor to the tea, which was very subtle, but also enjoyable. The earthy qualities of green tea were well balanced by the nutty and sweet flavors. The ingredients listed are entirely natural and do not include any questionable items (such as the vague "flavoring" , which I have found in other flavored teas).

In all, I was really pleased with this tea. I am not sure how green tea buffs would feel about it, but for those of us who generally lean away from green teas, this is a great way to ease into green tea. I can definitely see myself ordering more of this tea. Overall, I give this tea a big thumbs up for offering such a warm and tasty blend of flavors that are well-balanced with a subtle green tea base.

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