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Thumbs up!"Nothing but pure spearmint leaves here... brews up nicely, and not too strong."
Clay’s Teaview: 8/10
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adagio-spearmint.jpgI am quite a fan of spearmint teas, and this one is definitely one that deserves a spot on the shelf of any spearmint tea lover. It tastes just like the bubble gum! In a good way though, minus the tacky artificial flavor.

The leaves smell like...Well, just take a pack of strong spearmint gum, stick your nose on the package and sniff! The scent of the final brew is nice. It is not as strong a scent as the leaves but that is a good thing, if it was that strong this tea might be overpowering. The smell of the final brew is basically the same as other spearmint teas. Spearmint is sort of a pure, universally known tea smell.

The taste is delicious, minty, and sweet. It has some very relaxing qualities to it as well. I think the main reason I liked this tea so much is because it is just spearmint. Nothing added, just good ol' plain spearmint tea! Which seems harder and harder to find these days with all the tea hybrids out there.
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