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Its OK"This blend has an interesting nuttiness and complex vegetal flavor, but you'll need to brew it several times before you can draw them all out."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 6/10
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teazone-white-peony.jpgIn appearance, Tea Zone's White peony is a very attractive tea which consists of large, unfermented leaves. On their website, Tea Zone states that this tea has the subtle aroma of chestnuts. I didn't pick up on any chestnut aroma in the unbrewed tea leaves, which instead I found had an aroma that was hard to pinpoint, but could best be described as "clean". Once brewed, however, I could definitely detect a nutty scent to the tea,and the tea leaves remaining in the diffuser had a very distinct aroma that was not only nutty, but also smelled a bit like sushi nori (odd, I know, but true).

Compared to other white teas, this tea brewed to a relatively dark color. Whereas other white teas I have samples were a pale yellow color, Tea Zone's peony white brewed to a rich honey color. The taste was smooth and delicate, with just a hint of the nuttiness that was detected in the aroma coming through in the flavor. There was also just a hint of sweetness towards the end of each sip. While I recognize that white tea is known to be the most subtle of all teas , I found the flavor of this particular product to be much milder than other white teas I have tried. After several sips that just seemed to lack much flavor, I added just a bit of sugar to my first cup to see if sugar could enhance the natural sweet flavor of the tea. However, because the tea's flavor was so extremely subtle, the addition of sugar resulted in a beverage that just tasted like sugar-water. Lesson of the day: white tea is too delicate to be served with additional sweeteners.

Based on my experience with the first cup, in which I really couldn't taste much of anything, I wondered how I could write a review for a tea that had almost no flavor and appeared to be pretty much forgettable. But by the third cup, I found myself appreciating this tea more and more; the intricacies of the flavor were more pronounced with each cup. This is the first tea I have sampled where it took me several brews to actually acquire all of the flavors that the tea had to offer. The nuttiness and a distinct, complex vegetal flavor (a toned-down version of what one might expect in green tea) were really starting to take form. I found this tea to be quite refreshing as a cold drink, too. I wouldn't say I love this tea, but I would definitely drink it again (although not sure that I would purchase it myself). I rate it a 6 out of 10 because although it was an interesting tea, there are, in my opinion, several other white teas on the market (such as Adagio's silver needle) which are not only tastier, but also less expensive. Because a true appreciation of this tea will develop with time and truly experiencing the complexities of the flavor seems to advance with each brew, this tea definitely has potential for initiating interesting conversations among tea enthusiasts.

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  1. Loy Says:

    At only $4.99 per 2 oz. and $14.99 per 1/2 lb. This tea actually cost much less than many other white tea on the market($15.00 per 2 oz. of Silver Needle from Adagio and $6.00 per 1.5 oz. of White Peoney also from Adagio)
    It is definitely my everyday good quality inexpensive white tea.

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