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Its OK"An attractive-looking blend, but its taste was mediocre at best... even after multiple infusion experiments, I couldn't extract enough flavor to make a satisfying cup of tea."
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dragon-pearl-white.jpgA couple of days ago, I reviewed Tea Zone's white peony tea, and after really getting to know that particular tea, I decided that my next review would be of the other white tea remaining in my basket of tea samples. Based on first impressions of the tea leaves, Dragon Pearl's Fujian Mountain white tea is an attractive tea. Like all of the Dragon Pearl tea products, this tea is organic and processed without the aid of machines, which may be very appealing to those who are concerned with avoiding unnecessary additives and knowing how thier food and drinks are processed. I brewed my first cup by steeping the tea leaves in almost-boiling water for seven minutes. The unfurling of the tea leaves did make for an impressive display of large leaves in a variety of shades of green and brown. The tea brewed to a medium honey color, which I hoped would translate into a fulfilling flavor. However, I found both the aroma and flavor of this tea to be lacking. The aroma was slightly grassy, but didn't have much depth. The flavor of the tea was hard to pinpoint, and could best be described as mediocre. The tea just lacked "oomph", and left me feeling like I was drinking a very, very diluted tea (despite a sufficient steeping time and a proper tea leaves-to-water ratio). Dragon Pearl's Fujian Mountain white tea lacked any of the sweet and nutty flavor notes offered by other white teas. Reviewing Dragon Pearl Fujian Mountain white tea right after reviewing Tea Zone's white peony made me realize that perhaps my review of Tea Zone's white peony (which I rated as a 6), was perhaps a bit too harsh. Simply put, Dragon Pearl Fujian Mountain white tea paled in comparison to Tea Zone's white peony tea.

The Dragon Pearl website notes that this tea can be infused multiple times, so I made the effort to infuse the same leaves a few times. The second infusion was even weaker than the first, and the third infusion was weaker than the second. Moreover, I detected a bitter aftertaste that increased progressively with each infusion. I later tried new infusions using different tea leaves-to-water ratios. In all, I had about 7 cups of this tea, none of which would could be considered especially tasty or worthy of high praise. Because Dragon Pearl Mountain white tea lacks any distinct flavor on its own, this tea would probably be best utilized as a base for a fruit-infused or fruit-flavored tea. I imagine citrus or berry flavors would work well with this tea, but I don't think this tea, on its own, has much character.

For me, the best attribute of this tea was its appearance, especially during the steeping when the multitude of colors of tea leaves was evident. But in the world of tea, looks can only take you so far.

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