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Its OK"A blend of many ingredients that should be delicious, but it just doesn't quite come together. It needs a bit of sugar just to make it drinkable."
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artoftea-velvet-tea.jpgThis tea has a naturally sweet, though subtle, aroma of chocolate and vanilla. In my opinion, the appearance of this tea blend, in both the brewed and unbrewed state, needs help big-time. The pieces of rooibos looked rather small, the mint leaves were very tiny and sparse, and there were unidentifiable clumps of white material in my sample. The clumps were soft and spongy, and after brewing, looked like small floating pieces of apple. The Art of Tea website says that the ingredients are chocolate, organic rooibos, mint leaves, and a hint of vanilla. Based on that information, I can only assume that the floating white pieces were white chocolate, but after closer inspection of the pieces, I really can't see how something that floats and has a spongy consistency could be chocolate (side note: there was no way that I was going to sample a mystery glob to discern its identity). The presence of the mystery globs floating at the top of my infusion was not exactly appealing to the eye. Even if one were to assume that the pieces were bits of white chocolate, it could be prepared in a more attractive manner (as in Serendipitea's 'once upon a tea' blend ). Realizing that appearances aren't everything, I was able too move beyond the mystery clumps to actually experience the brewed tea.

The key ingredient in this tea, the rooibos, lends its signature flavor and color to the brew. The tea brews to a dark red, almost opague, amber color, with a hint of vanilla in the aroma. As one might have guessed from the appearance, the mint leaves were too sparse to actually contribute substantially to the blend. Try as I might, I could hardly detect a minty flavor to this tea. The tea did have a delicate sweetness to it, but I found it hard to identify distinct chocolate and/or vanilla flavors. On its own, I found the tea to be drinkable, but barely so. The addition of just a dash of sugar improved the flavor of this tea by giving it a much smoother finish. In my opinion, though, a good tea should not rely on the addition of other ingredients to define its flavor.

I was very excited to review this tea because its description sounded very similar to Serendipitea's tea blend called 'once upon a tea', which I absolutely love. The Serendipitea blend consists of essenitally the same ingredients: rooibos, chocolate, mint leaves, and vanilla. While the Serendipitea blend left me asking "where's my refill?", the Art of Tea Velvet Tea blend left me asking "where's the flavor?". If the blend of rooibos, mint, vanilla, and chocolate entices you, I suggest you opt for Serendipitea's 'once upon a tea' blend instead (which, by the way, would receive a rating of 10 if I were to write a review for it). The Art of Tea's Velvet Tea just doesn't live up to its potential or my expectations, so it won't be on my wish list anytime soon.

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