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Thumbs up!"An inexpensive, high-quality white tea... I know I'll be buying more of this for myself when my current supply starts to dwingle."
Shane’s Teaview: 7/10
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teazone-white-peony.jpgThe Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) tea from the Tea Zone is a high quality white tea. The proof is in the leaves and when you look at them you will see white leaves in an array of different colored green leaves. Having a little bit of experience with other white peony teas I was taken by surprise with this one.

The brew itself is definitely darker than any other white tea I have tried thus far; in fact it almost looked like an oolong tea in the cup. When I first tasted it I was really taken off guard because the taste in my opinion was quite similar to a Darjeeling tea, although it had that light and subtle feel that a white tea should. The flavor really does develop through multiple infusions and I was happy to get 3 good infusions before the leaves were completely spent.

In the world of white tea the flavor of this tea has much to be desired, although that's not to assume that this is a bad tea. On the contrary, I really enjoyed this tea. The flavor of course was light, even light for a white tea. There is next to none of what you usually taste in a white tea. It's more along the lines of weaker honey water with a hint of that Darjeeling-like nuttiness. For $15 dollars a half pound of this tea is a good deal. It is really the kind of tea that you want to sit down and meditate on but for how cheap it is you can afford to drink this all day long. If you're looking for white peony this may not be what you had in mind, but without holding it up to any expectations I would recommend purchasing some of this tea. I know I'll be ordering myself a half pound when my current supply of tea starts to dwindle.

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