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Its OK"A lime and citrus-flavored mate that seems to work very well, enhancing the sweet and bitter flavors of the yerba mate."
Troy’s Teaview: 6/10
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zoomdweebies-check-mate.jpgChess puns and Tisanes, it had to happen eventually right? Not sure why they decided on the name Check Mate other than for pure gag value. I had four cups and still couldn't beat the computer at chess once. Finally I had to set my toaster on fire just to show the PC mans dominance over machine. Still its nice to see Yerba Mate getting out there more, and moving past a specialty beverage outside of south America. Yerba Mate has just about all the perks of tea, caffeine and antioxidants, and yet lacks the astringency so common in teas.

Yerba Mate is bitter and sweet, and a bit oxymoronic, but green (unoxidized) Yerba Mate sticks closer to the sweet. This particular blend of Green Yerba Mate, Lemon grass, and lime extract adds a sour citrus tang which seems to compliment and enhance the sweet and bitter flavors. To be honest you really can't tell where the Lemon Grass ends and the Lime begins. Kinda seems redundant to have both, but I suppose the lime extract helps to bring the citrus qualities of the Lemon Grass home. All in all it seems to work very well. Those without experience with Yerba Mate might find it slightly bitter, but not enough to be off-putting, and I can't speak at all for Yerba Mate fans. I can't speak for them, because I lacked the gourd and bombilla necessary to truly taste it in the traditional manner. Still for you average tea drinker this works, it gives you a lime flavored buzz, it does not, however, give you chess related superpowers.

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  1. Frank Horbelt Says:

    Just for clarification, the packaging says, “Check mate: Checkmate your thirst!” Yes, I am a bit of a goober, and couldn’t resist the pun, but I felt this blend was a fantastic thirst quencher, particularly iced. For those who have not had green mate, I always tell people that I think it tastes like a sweet, but somewhat vegetal green tea. I think the lime and lemongrass really set it off perfectly. But that’s just me.

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