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Thumbs up!"High-quality oolong with a complimentary touch of sweet caramel... works wonderfully together and would be an excellent dessert tea."
Stephen’s Teaview: 8/10
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golden-moon-sugar-caramel-o.jpgI've tried caramel oolongs before and was never really all that impressed. Some were decent, but in general it was either a case of caramel flavor completely overpowering low-grade oolong, or low-grade oolong with the barest, almost undetectable hint of caramel thrown in. Golden Moon's Sugar Caramel Oolong, thankfully, is neither of there.

Golden Moon describes it thusly:

Premium quality green oolong leaves, tightly rolled and carefully hand-crafted, infused with sweet essences of rich caramel and burnt sugar.

Mood: Fun, outgoing, sweet, childlike spirit with connoisseur's sophistication

Time: Any time. As a morning or afternoon treat, or with a special dessert celebration

Cuisine: Excellent with tiramisu, vanilla bean ice cream, or dried fruits. A unique dessert tea that will satisfy your sweet tooth all by itself.

The primary and central taste here is of a high quality (I'd say Formosan?) oolong, which itself is quite tasty, with some decidedly floral hints. The sugar/caramel combination makes it all into a deliciously sweet - but not too sweet - brew. They managed to get the caramel flavoring just right - its there, and if you sit back and really focus on the aftertaste, you'll pick it up with no problem, but its not primary on the palette. If anything its just a sort of non-descript sweetness, with a twinge of caramel in the aftertaste.

Really quite good, and I would agree that this serves wonderfully on its own as a dessert tea.

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3 Responses to “Review: Golden Moon Sugar Caramel Oolong”

  1. Linda Hedge Says:

    Hi Stephen – my boss just called to call my attention to your review. Thanks for the thoughtful evaluation. We appreciate it. I’ll be interested to see what your other reviewers think.

    I am going to send you a couple more batches of samples. Our Coconut Pouchong won a first prize at the 2007 World Tea Expo. It’s great hot or cold. Linda

  2. Stephen Says:

    Thanks Linda! Looking forward to trying your other blends. I’ve already sent off a few batches of your sugar caramel oolong to other reviewers, so we should start getting more feedback up on the site within the next several weeks.

    Thanks as always!

  3. golden moon tea Says:

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