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Trent’s Teaview Snapshot
Thumbs up!"Most jasmine teas are composed of a green tea body with hints of jasmine, whereas this tea has a jasmine body with hints of green tea."
Trent’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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just4tea-jasmine-pearl.jpgClass: Scented
Origin: Fujian Provence
Crop: 2007
Vendor: Just4Tea
Price: 4 oz - $17.50 OR 8 oz - $35 OR 16 oz - $70

Brewing Parameters:
• 2 tbs tea / 5oz water
• Water Temp: 180
• 3-5 min infusionsTaste:
• 1st-2nd infusion - jasmine w/ subtle hints of green tea, cooling taste
• 3rd infusion - more nutty flavor like dragonwell w/ cooling jasmine
• 4th infusion - sweet honey body w/ jasmine aftertaste and top note

• guava top note with jasmine body (consistent throughout all infusions)

Overall Impressions:
When I first opened the sample bag, I was greeted by an overwhelming jasmine aroma, foreshadowing the taste of the tea to come. I noticed that lower temperature infusions bring out a pronounced green tea body with a jasmine flavor only in the topnote, whereas higher temperature infusions subdued the green tea body and allowed the jasmine flavor to permeate into the topnote, body and aftertaste. So... adjust the brewing temperature to adjust the ratio of jasmine/green tea flavors. when brewed in a glass pot or a gaiwan, the tea becomes a feast for all senses. I loved hearing faint crackling sounds as I watched the pearls gracefully unfurl.

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