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Thumbs up!"Smooth and creamy froth with an intense vegetal flavor and no astringency."
Trent’s Teaview: 7/10
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mightyleaf-matcha.jpgBrewing Method - usacha (thin) using traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony goods
• Chawan: a medium sized bowl used to froth and drink matcha. Small enough to comfortably drink out of, but large enough to easily whip up a foamy tea.
• A medium size bowl works fine if you don't have a chawan.
• Chasen: a whisk created from a single section of bamboo used to froth matcha.
• If you don't have a chasen, use a fork, it works much better than a kitchen whisk.
• Chashaku: a bamboo “spoon” used to measure matcha
• If you don't have a chashaku, just use a small spoon.

Aroma: 9/10 - thick vegetal aroma, similar to a quality sencha, much like asparagus.

Sweetness: 3.5/10 - hardly sweet at all, unimpressive.

Astringency: 10/10 - no astringency!

Flavor: 8/10 - addicting flavor, tastes just the same as it smells, but with a smooth and creamy feel.

Overall Impressions:
An extremely addicting flavor, but I would recommend any matcha from much more. This matcha isn't the sweetest, but it's superb vegetal flavor makes up for what it lacks in the sweetness department. The aroma is so strong, that I almost coughed when I smelled the dry powder. If you enjoyed matcha prepared with normal kitchen utensils, I would highly recommend purchasing a chasen to froth your tea. With a chasen, the matcha transforms from a dark green liquid into a creamy, radioactive green froth.

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4 Responses to “Review: Mighty Leaf Matcha”

  1. Alex Says:

    Is it really that color? It looks more olive or brown than green.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Hi Alex –

    I actually remember it being much more of a brighter green than what you see in the image… this just happens to be the shot that Mighty Leaf uses to promote this blend. I agree, the color does seem really off in that pic. 🙂

  3. Katie Says:


    Thanks for this review, and especially thanks for giving cheap people like me ideas on how to make matcha without the chasen/chawan/etc. I want to find out if I really like matcha before investing in materials specifically for making it 🙂

  4. Edmund Says:

    I received the Mighty Leaf Organic Matcha as a gift and was surprised by the strong taste of fish? To me this was not a “hint of sea” as the label reads and overpowered the other flavors. If you enjoy the taste of salmon in your hot drinks then this is the tea for you.

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