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Not Great"Forget tempest in a teacup - this was barely even a light breeze. I simply couldn't coax much flavor out of these leaves. Disappointing."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 3/10
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serendipitea-bards-tempest.jpgSerendipitea's Bard's Tempest tea is a mix of China and India black teas. The dry leaves offer a sweet and malty aroma, which made me quite eager to try this blend. My first cup of this tea was quite mellow, actually so mild that I would call it weak. The tea just had a diluted/watery sensation to it, and lacked any real depth. This type of wateriness can typically be attributed to the brewing amount and method, rather than the tea itself, but given that I accidentally used more tea leaves than I typically used (because I slipped while pouring the leaves into my infuser) and that I infused this tea for 2 minutes longer than is generally recommended for black teas (due to a minor distraction during the infusion process), I am truly puzzled at how the tea could still be so weak. With my slips during the brewing process, one would naturally expect a dark and bitter liquid to result. I drank half of the cup in the hopes that at some point my taste buds would catch on to the hidden flavors waiting to be experienced in the brew. No dice. So then I added some sugar and the result was sweet water with no detectable trace of tea flavor. I gave up on Bard's Tempest for the day, and attempted this tea the very next day. I made precise measurements of tea leaves and water and stood buy during the infusion to make sure I brewed the tea exactly as directed. Still, there was barely a trace of flavor and I contemplated just pouring the tea down the drain, although I managed to drink the whole flavorless mug. Forget a tempest in a teacup, this tea blend barely passed for a light breeze. I must admit complete disappointment with this blend. My past experiences with Serendipitea's line of teas have been mostly wonderful, although in retrospect most of their teas I have tried up to now have been flavored teas and tisanes, such as my current Serendipitea favorite, Black and Blue When it comes to Serendipitea teas, I think I will stick to the flavored varieties.

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