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Its OK"A good, basic black tea, obviously of high quality but with a taste that's not too far removed from Liptons or Tetley's. "
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serendipitea-namaste.jpgSerendipitea's Namaste is an Indian black tea blend whose name translates to "no problem". I have to agree that I had no problem drinking this tea. However I didn't have any tea-induced epiphanies or life-changing experiences as a result of drinking this tea either. This is your basic loose-leaf black tea, although it should be pointed out that the tea is also organic and fair-trade. Serendipitea doesn't give much more information regarding the exact composition of the tea leaves in the blend other than to say they are of Indian origin. The tea is somewhat light in taste and offers a mix of a fruity and sweet aftertaste. Anyone who has read some of my past reviews can attest that I have a general dislike for sub-par teabags because of the low quality of the tea dust and powder they contain and the relative ease in which one can over-steep such small particles. Serendipitea's Namaste does not have these qualities; in fact the tea leaves were quite large, and after steeping I sensed no indication of an over-steeped brew. However the reason I digressed about tea bags is that while the Namaste blend did offer a certain level of complexity and depth of flavor not present in your standard supermarket variety teabag, this tea did carry an element of flavor that was reminiscent of a Lipton or Tetley teabag brew. For this reason, I think this tea could be a great introduction to loose leaf teas for those that have been lifelong drinkers of standard teabags, but are interested in what higher-quality teas can offer. This tea's flavor is not too much of a stretch from the supermarket variety black tea, but also shows that one can have a cup of black tea with just a little more depth, while omitting any potential bitterness from over-steeping. Furthermore, this tea lacks the harshness that tea from low-quality teabags can have, making the addition of milk and/or sugar an option rather than a necessity.

In all, while I wasn't totally amazed by this tea and I can't say that I plan to purchase some myself, I do think this is a good basic black tea, especially for those new to loose leaf tea. The tea seems a bit pricey, but is probably on par with other organic and fair-trade teas.

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