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Thumbs up!"A strong, rich and thick mate blend, which definitely needs some milk to soften the sometimes harsh roasted flavors. One of the best mate blends I've had."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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zhi-carnival-mate.jpgZhi Tea's Carnival Mate is an interesting and colorful blend of mate, rooibos, cornflower, marigold petals and coffee essence. The addition of coffee essence is without a doubt detectable, although luckily not too strong. Carnival Mate tastes as though just a splash or two of strong, burnt coffee was added to the mate tea. If you are looking for a big hit of coffee flavor though (in which case, I would ask why you dont just drink a cup of coffee, but that is beside point) you may find this tea to miss the mark. This tea is naturally sweet on its own, and is actually quite comparable in smell and taste to Thai iced tea (which I realize is a strange comment seeing that these teas have virtually no ingredients in common). Although not listed in the ingredients, there is some sort of a vanilla flavor here that permeates the blend, offering a subtle sweetness to this intriguing blend. My main criticism of this tea was that I found the toasted aroma and flavor to be just a bit too harsh, almost to the point where I would describe it as burnt, not toasted. On my second cup of this tea, I added a splash of milk, which really helped to smooth out the potentially abrasive burnt flavor. The milk also complements the incredibly thick and rich qualities of the tea. Because of its rich and strong flavor, this tea seems most suitable for winter nights and rainy days, when a standard cup of tea just won't do. Even though this tea contained mate and coffee essence, both of which contain caffeine, I didn't notice any energy-boosting side effects that were different from drinking standard black tea. I have to say that this is by far the best mate blend I have sampled. I would definitely recommend this to others, because this is not your everyday run-of-the-mill tea blend.

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