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Thumbs up!"Surprisingly complex for a herbal tea, Check Mate is a great substitute for coffee."
Trent’s Teaview: 7/10
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zoomdweebies-check-mate.jpgClass: Herbal
Price: 2 oz - $5.37 (~ 21¢ per cup)

Vendor's Description:
Checkmate your thirst! Green Mate with lemongrass and lime flavoring.

Brewing Parameters:
• Water Temp: 190f
• Infusion Time: Because long infusions don't make bitter, I just let the leaves sit in my cup while I was drinking the tea.
• 2 tsp / 8oz

Lemongrass and lime were added to the tea, but interestingly enough, I didn't taste either. Instead, I tasted a sweet “candied lime” flavor, probably due to the fact that lime “flavoring” was used. This candied lime flavor overpowered the lemongrass, however it did not overpower the yerba mate. I could easily identify a woody flavor with a pleasantly coarse texture. Texture is just as important as taste in check mate.

While the tea was balanced in flavor, it was not balanced in aroma. The sweet “candied lime” flavor clearly overpowered all other elements. I could just barely get a hint of the familiar woody yerba mate smell. The lemongrass smell was completely absent.

Overall Impressions:
If you really like flavored teas, than check mate is for you. If you “kinda like” or “don't prefer” flavored teas, then don't bother trying check mate. Also, you need to have a slight sweet tooth to enjoy the candied lime taste - it's more sugar with a hint of lime than lime with a hint of sugar.

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One Response to “Review: Zoomdweebie’s Check Mate”

  1. Zoomdweebie Says:

    Just a point of clarification, there is NO sugar or sweetener added to this blend. The green yerba mate is naturally mildly sweet, but no sweetener of any variety has been added to this blend.

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