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Thumbs up!"A mild but somewhat complex flavor... a bit of a nuttiness together with a little floral accent and an overall subtle sweetness."
David’s Teaview: 7/10
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teazone-white-peony.jpgWhite teas are becoming not only more readily available to those of us in the States these days, but are also becoming more popular. Those who prefer a lower caffeine intake and a lighter flavor can rejoice in these teas, which were once reserved only for the Chinese emperor. Additionally, being the least processed of all teas (typically just dried and fired), they also have the highest polyphenol count, which makes them a good choice for those concerned about health.

I have to admit, in my early days as a tea drinker, I would never have thought that I could come to like white teas at all. Heck, I started out as a black tea drinker who got into drinking green teas initially for mainly health reasons, not for the taste. But as my tea experience has grown, I have learned that the reason I didn't care for either green nor white teas early on was almost entirely due to either not knowing how to choose fresh/high quality tea or not brewing it properly. This became very clear to me recently when I participated in a blind sampling of a couple of teas which I really liked...and discovered, to my amazement...that they were both white teas! As a general rule, greens and especially whites are more sensitive to proper water temperature, steeping time, and amount of tea used. Since I have been using a scale for weighing my tea, a thermometer to check for the proper temperature, and a proper brewing vessel which allows the leaves to fully expand, my world of tea drinking has been opened up to the possibilities of the great nuances of flavor represented by green and, yes, white teas.

This brings us to a review of the tea at hand this time, which is a white peony from TeaZone. Although white tea in general is still pretty new to me, this variety has already become a favorite of mine. I have several examples of this kind of tea from different vendors. Admittedly, white tea this time of year is not likely to be at its best, since it is picked in the early spring time and is only good for about a year after picking, so this tea is nearing the end of its usefulness. I certainly look forward to sampling some fresh-picked white peony later this spring. Having said this, however, the samples I have tried recently have all had the same basic characteristics, to a greater or lesser extent: a mild but somewhat complex flavor which consists of a bit of a nuttiness together with a little floral accent and an overall subtle sweetness which is really unique in my tea experience. These three characteristics are all present in this white peony from TeaZone, both in its aroma and in its taste. It is the natural sweetness of this tea which I find so appealing...not a sugary sweetness, but a very mild one which blends in so harmoniously with the floral and nutty accents, which makes it enjoyable indeed. When properly brewed (I brewed my with 3.5 grams per 6 oz. cup @180 degress), I think you'll find that you enjoy this cuppa too!

— To purchase Tea Zone White Peony, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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