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Thumbs up!"Zhi Teas have done a good job translating the light blueberry scent into a tea with just enough body to satiate. Whoever created this tea should feel proud."
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zhi-white-blueberry.jpgI was looking forward to trying this and so far it's fulfilling my expectations. I'd read that white tea is the least processed of all teas, and to me the light fuzz on the succulent leaves makes white tea seem fresh and just picked. This selection from Zhi tea isn't all fuzzy white tips; it has a mix of other bits of tea, mostly partial leaves that unfurl in the pot, with little purple buds. There were also whole dried blueberries that I didn't even notice until they puffed up like little pillows among the tea leaves.

The first thing I noticed was its fragrance, both dried and ready to pour. The blueberry scent is prominent, but not overpowering. It smells sweet and slightly dessert-y, like fresh fruit in cream. Normally I have a hard time being happy with beverages that are supposed to taste like solid food (chocolate tea for example). I keep trying, and would love to find something that satisfies, rather than frustrates. In this case I think Zhi Teas have done a good job translating the light blueberry scent into a tea with just enough body to satiate. The consistency lasts through the end and through a second steeping. It still has a semi-substantial body, delicate flavor, and clean finish. This would be a great choice for a light fruit, blueberry, or lightly flavored tea. I had a favorable impression from the sample, and it's improving with every sip. Whoever created this tea should feel proud.

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  1. Tea Escapade Says:

    I cannot wait until my Zhi Tea White Blueberry arrives. Thanks for sharing!

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