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Thumbs up!"Light and crisp, with a creamy and nutty/soy aftertaste... tastes more like a green tea than an oolong. Rishi has done it again!"
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rishi-dong-ding.jpgRishi has done it again. This being my fourth or fifth Rishi tea review, I am convinced that Rishi is one of the highest quality tea companies around. From my experience, they really excel in green and oolong teas (although I haven't sampled any of their black tea products), so if you have developed a taste for these types of tea, I highly suggest you give them a try. Anyway, on to Ding Dong Oolong, the subject of this review. The tea has a very green appearance, and the dried leaves take the shape of large clusters. The scent is overwhelmingly floral, and although pleasant, I must admit that I was a bit disappointed, as I assumed (wrongfully) that this tea would be a simple floral ti guan yin-ish oolong. The tea brews to a pale yellowish-brown color, a good bit lighter than the formosa oolongs with which I am more familiar. The leaves unfurl to considerably large size, so as with many of their teas, a small scoop of leaves goes a long way. There is a definite vegetal scent to the brewed liquid, and a very strong scent of what I can only describe as a graininess, as if rice or wheat or some other grain had been infused in the mix. Because the scent of the brewed liquid differed so much from the scent of the dried leaves, I figured this would be a pretty complex tea, and in fact, it was. The tea tastes more like a green tea than an oolong, as if this oolong tea just barely stepped across the boundary line separating green teas from oolong teas. It is light and crisp, with a creamy and nutty/soy aftertaste. About a month ago, I reviewed Rishi's Ancient Emerald Green Lily, which I gave rave reviews based on its creamy nuttiness. Rishi Ding Dong Oolong could be considered Ancient Emerald Green Lily's first cousin...this tea shares all of the wonderful properties of my beloved Ancient Emerald Green Lily, with a slight oolong twist. In all, this tea was top-notch, and as soon as I am done writing this review, I plan to brew myself a second pot (since I don't care much about saving face, I will add that I just inhaled my entire first pot of this tea in about 10 minutes). On a final note, Rishi states that these tea laves can be brewed three or more times, so even though these tea could be considered a tad pricey ($6.00 for 1 ounce), when you consider that each spoonful of leaves can be brewed three or four times, it really isn't too expensive. This is a great tea, and one I plan to have on stock in my tea cabinet.

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