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Thumbs up!"My favorite blend from Zoomdweebies so far... I will definitely be buying more of this in the future."
Shelly’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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zoomdweebies-citrus-spice.jpgThis is one of my favorite Zoomdweebies blends yet. I am a true citrus spice fan, usually leaning towards the orange spice but I do love lemon as well. This variety is my favorite lemon spice tea of all.

There's something about it that is completely soothing. It has that gulp-ability that makes you crave more than one cup at a time. The tea itself is very mild but intermingles wonderfully with the lemon spice flavoring. What are the flavors? Zoomdweebie's website lists the following: real lemon peel, lemongrass, cinnamon, and clove. If I were to create a lemon spice tea tailor-made for myself, these are the exact ingredients I would choose.

The dry concoction has long black tea leaves and huge chunks of dry lemon peel that puff up when brewed. There are also plenty of lemongrass pieces mixed in. This blend is where lemongrass itself fits in perfectly: in a citrus environment with natural lemon to enhance it. Sometimes lemongrass can be Lysol-ish but not here; here it is allowed to shine without dominating. The lemon peel is not an overwhelming sour flavor. I'd say it's more of a very natural essence. Likewise, the spices are not eye watering but background players that give this tea an almost citrus-chai like quality.

I am addicted to this tea. I go through flavor obsessions and drink cups upon cups of a certain tea every day for months on end. This is my current infatuation. So I will be placing an order for this to feed my no-end-in-sight craving.

Check out Zoomdweebie's website because it is informative and they offer over 200 “varieteas”. And when you place an order, be sure to include Citrus Spice Black Tea!

— To purchase Zoomdweebie’s Citrus Spice, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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