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Thumbs up!"The best rooibos blend I've tried to date... I ordered more of this before I even finished writing my review!"
Cindy’s Teaview: 10/10
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zhi-sweet-desert-delight.jpgZhi Tea's website states that this blend includes the following ingredients: organic Red Rooibos, cinnamon, anise pods, cacao nibs, coconut pieces, safflowers and stevia leaf. The website also states that the leaves can be re-steeped 2-3 times. As I am writing this review I am enjoying my second cup from the leaves and it is a little different than the first, but every bit as good. One of the reasons I rated it a 10 is the added value of being able to re-use the leaves.

Due in large part to the glowing reviews this blend has been receiving, I was quite anxious to try it myself. Tonight, I found myself in the mood for "something" but couldn't quite figure out what it was. I finally decided it was the perfect time to try this sample. First of all, the aroma of this blend is nothing short of amazing! Rooibos blends are generally very forgiving in terms of brew time, so I have to say I didn't actually time it, but I'm sure I let it brew more than 5 minutes. The result was a near perfect sweet treat! The flavor that was most noticeable to me was the coconut, which added a deliciously creamy sweetness to the blend. The rest of the ingredients appear to be perfectly balanced. Rooibos was the perfect base for this tea as it enhances the other flavors rather than overwhelming them. The second infusion was much the same but with the coconut being a bit more subdued, I detected more of a creamy chocolate flavor. Being caffeine free, this is an excellent choice for an evening cup, but it tastes so good that I could see enjoying it any time. I have tried many rooibos blends and this is one of the best so far. This is one tea that I actually found myself ordering more of even before I finished my review!

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2 Responses to “Review: Zhi Sweet Desert Delight”

  1. rooibos tea Says:

    […] and stevia leaf. The website also states that the leaves can be re-steeped 2-3 times. As I am : Rooibos Tea – A Flavorful, Healthy, and Relaxing Tea with …Rooibos Tea! No other tea can […]

  2. silvermage2000 Says:

    This has red roobios,cinnamon,anise,cacao nibs,coconut,safflower,and stevia leaf. Now I may be the only one but the red roobios smell and taste does nothing for me.
    The cinnamon in this Isn’t too bad. But the coconut I’s one of the main factors why I didn’t like I’t. And there was a slight chocolate taste which was a plus.
    Luckily I got this in the free friday deal and therefore do not have to feel as guily for not liking I’t.

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