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Thumbs up!"A wonderfully long lasting flavor, with no bitter aftertaste. The flavor remains nice, strong, and balanced."
David_A’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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teaguys-cirtus-burst.jpgThe sample comes in a very attractive foil envelope with an inner plastic layer. Very nifty sample package. I found everything about the packaging very appealing. The base of the tea was clearly labeled on the front, Rooibos, and that it is a caffeine free tea. Another very cool aspect was that the back included very specific steeping instructions including how much tea, water temperature, and brewing time. I thought this was clever and very helpful. In my opinion, Tea Guys gets very high marks for clear and clever packaging. Very user friendly.

The tea has a wonderful citrus smell. Very nice and quite pungent. Other Rooibos teas I have tried had very earthly smells to them. Not this tea which has a large mix of citrus flavors. Visual inspection shows lots of other constituents other than the Rooibos. Clearly there is lemon present though it is not overpowering.


Cold Brew: For one cup of the tea I put two teaspoons of tea in a T-Sac #2 bag and cold brewed about 10 ounces of water for about 7.5 hours. The instructions on the package call for 1 tablespoon for 2 cups of water, to be brewed for 1 ...œ 3 hours.

Hot Brew: I followed the directions on the back of the sample package calling for 1 teaspoon tea steeped for 5 minutes.


Cold Brew: The taste appeared promising from the aroma. Clearly the citrus added significantly to the boutique. It is interesting that the cold brewed tea does not have much citrus flavor or smell. I expected the tea to have a stronger flavor especially since I brewed the tea in less water and longer than called for. I wish the wonderful fragrance had more clearly been transmitted to the taste. As I drove to work drinking the tea, I missed the citrus taste.

Hot Brew: Hot brewing brought out the aromas in the tea. The tea has a nice citrus smell though not overpowering. The citrus blends nicely with Rooibos to produce a very nice, earthy, yet fragrant aroma. I like the smell of this tea warm. Other fruits are also evident.

The citrus taste is noticeable though not overbearing. It adds a nice layer of taste to the tea. The tea has substantially more body and flavor hot than cold. The tea has a nice on-going flavor that is never bitter. The blend is balanced and the tastes complement each other nicely. Another striking quality is the wonderfully long lasting flavor, with no bitter aftertaste. The flavor remains nice, strong, and balanced for several minutes.


I love the fragrance of this tea in the package. It is a wonderful smell. I had a hard time translating that wonderful  expectation of the aroma into the final brew using a cold brewing method. However, hot brewed this tea is very nice. It is pleasant with a noticeable taste but not overbearing. Subtle flavors last and last! For those who enjoy red tea blends, this is a very fine example and worth trying. If you are interested in trying a red tea blend, this would be a great tea to try out!

— To purchase Tea Guys Citrus Burst, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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