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Thumbs up!"The flavor of almond sunset is unparalleled when it comes to a roasty-sweet-cinnamon herbal. "
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almond-sunset-med.jpgI feel as though a very prominent tea company has been neglected here. I love trying new and fancy teas from online vendors, but there are some addictive teas sold right in your grocery store. True, less than half of them are worth it, but there are a few standouts. The company I'm referring to is the most recognizable in the tea aisle: Celestial Seasonings.

I have tried many of their products. It's also true that quite a few of them are of less quality than I'm used to drinking. But there are three flavors that I always have on hand. Candy Cane Lane and Madagascar Vanilla Red are two that are must haves for me, an occasional evening brew.
The last of the three is my secret addiction, not so secret anymore. It is the delicious herbal tea Almond Sunset.

The aroma of the tea is unique. When I brew it, I always smell a deep and roasted element. Intermingled is a slightly sweet and not surprisingly almond teaser. It is a complex fragrance that I had never encountered before. You know you are in for an unusual tea experience.

The flavor of almond sunset is unparalleled when it comes to a roasty-sweet-cinnamon herbal. It is deep and smooth. The roasted flavor contains none of the smokiness or bitterness that other Celestial Seasonings herbals do (i.e. Roastaroma). Perhaps the cinnamon and almond flavors add the right amount of balance. The ingredients are quite numerous and some surprising: roasted carob, roasted barley, roasted chicory, cinnamon, orange peel, natural almond flavor, blackberry leaves, anise seed. They are a winning combination, apparently!

I am an almond and amaretto addict. I'm always on the lookout for another tea or cookie or ice cream or anything that captures those flavors, and this is my favorite of all. It has a definite almond quality with complexity and satisfaction.

The best way to drink this tea is with a generous dollop of cream or milk. I prefer a French vanilla creamer (or a limited edition Italian Sweet Cream that is out in stores right now ...œ yum!) in this tea. Then it is a truly wonderful tea latte-like experience and caffeine-free, too! This is quite a departure from my normal tea drinking habits; straight up and strong as can be. The flavors of this brew lend themselves to be smoothed out with cream.

If you usually turn your nose up at Celestial Seasonings, I think you should reconsider if you see a box of Almond Sunset on the shelf. You won't be disappointed.

— To purchase Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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19 Responses to “Review: Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset”

  1. Melissa Says:

    This tea has long been my favorite. I was unhappy to learn that Celestial Seasonings has discontinued this flavor. I have searched for an alternative that is decaffeinated but haven’t had any luck.

    I hope any other fans will join me in writing to Celestial Seasoning urging them to reinstate this favorite of mine. It is one of the more unique flavors they have and I can’t understand why they discontinued it. If it wasn’t a big seller, it is because it has always been so hard to find.



  2. Christine Christie Says:

    I am with Melissa,
    Celestial Seasonings has made a big mistake discontinuing their Almond Sunset. It is their best tea by far. Our whole family drinks it. From my father inlaw on down to his grandkids. My son is a teenager and loves this tea with honey. We are all so sad that this tea is discontinued. I have search high and low and there is no tea to match this tea. What is wrong with Celestial, they are loosing big business. Their other teas cannot compare. My father in law has been drinking this tea for 24 or 25 years. What is he to do now. I cannot even help him find a relacement. Please help our whole family find a good replacement for this Almond sunset tea.
    Thank You
    Christine Christie
    P.S. And I am a coffee lover; so you know this tea is good.

  3. sheila Says:

    I agree that it is a terrible mistake to have taken Almond Sunset and also English Toffee tea out of the line. They are the best teas put out by celestial Seasonings. I’ve tried all their other dessert type flavors and they just don’t have the full bodied, robust flavor these two had. Please bring them back!

  4. Lena Grant Says:

    I just looked on the Celestial Seasonings website and that particular tea has been discontinued. I, also am a Amaretto/ Almond addict. I just found out about/ tasted this tea and was instantly in love. I looked everywhere for it and came up with nothing. I am ready to make my own if I could get the ingredients. I am so disappointed that they have discontinued this product.

  5. beth Says:

    I love Almond Sunset tea! Like everyone else who has commented, I can’t understand why they ever discontinued it. I bought up about 6 boxes a couple years ago when I finally found it in the store, and am now down to my last 6 bags (which I use and re-use until they are tasteless!) I’ll definately join in in writing to Celestial Seasonings to beg them to bring it back.
    Has anyone found any other tea that is close in taste to this? Thanks!

  6. Car Says:

    I loved this tea, too and wrote to Celestial Seasonings in December when I discovered it had been discontinued. I hope more people writing to them will do the trick in bringing it back. Although I haven’t found a “replacement,” Forever Nuts from David’s Tea is a good substitute.

  7. Jenni Says:

    I found a Fan Page on Facebook today to bring back Almond Sunset. It only has 6 people, so join the page and try and get others to join with you!!!!

    Can anyone tell me if the actual box that is shown on the CS website was ever in stores? I don’t ever remember seeing it.

  8. Kim Says:

    So sad too. I’m getting so upset that I’m on my last box of this wonderful tea. My mom and I have been drinking this for over 20 years! I ordered a lot of other brands hoping to find something to take it’s place, but so far nothing. =(

  9. Barnegat Blummis Says:

    I’ve been drinking this forever and am completely bereft now that it’s gone
    They should bring it back or at least publish a recipe so users can make their own

  10. Emily C. Says:

    I have been drinking the Almond Sunset forever too. When they moved it to the “Dessert” line I got worried, but I agree that between this, the Chocolate Enchantment Chai and the English Toffee they have just lost me as a customer. Those were my flavors, and all I bought from them. Now, I don’t buy tea. I miss those flavors TERRIBLY!

    I can’t imagine what marketing idiot had this brilliant (not) idea.

  11. Ava Says:

    I agree with everyone here. Almond Sunset was THE most exquisite tea and the best one that Celestial Seasonings produced. I love it so much I actually cried when I learned that they discontinued it. I’m down to my last two bags and I am so sad. I just cannot understand how they arrived at this decision. I’m happy to see that I’m not alone! I will definitely try to find that Facebook page and add my 2 cents. BRING BACK ALMOND SUNSET!!!

  12. Delisle Says:

    I agree with everyone here too, but have not found the Facebook page. Could someone post the link here ? That would be nice!
    This is (and not “was”as I can’t get round to accepting it is discontinued for good)a unique tea, and they are making a big mistake for Ceslestial Seasonings owes its unique aura to such teas as Almond Sunset.
    Please BRING IT BACK !!

  13. Elisabeth Says:

    I just realized I am down to my last few bags so I went on line to order- such a disappointment it has been discontinued. A cup of almond tea is my evening routine in winter. I don’t get it. I hope they bring it back. Soon.

  14. Karen Linn Says:

    I too am very disappointed that Celstial Seasoning has decided to discontinue this product. It was the only flavor tea that I drank and it has left a void in my wintertime hot drink routine. It was like drinking a nut, one of my favorite foods! Please bring it back!

  15. Jan Says:

    I am still in a funk that Almond Sunset has been discontinued. It was my favorite by far. Light and comforting. Please bring it back–there is no substitute for this wonderful tea.

  16. jon Says:

    they reformulated almond sunset tea around 2006 or so, changing the ingredients slightly and making the tea less almond tasting. now they have discontinued it entirely. in 2007 i contacted the company about getting a recipe or them going back to the original formula-i got nowhere. if mo siegel were dead he would be rolling over in his grave; he isnt’t so maybe someone will figure out how to get him to help out. its his legacy

  17. knoba Says:

    I’m very disappointed that CS have stopped making this flavour of tea. I only found ‘this page’ by trying to get some of this exquisite brew.

    I’m off to register my feelings, about it, on their facebook page and urge others to do the same… 🙁

  18. George Says:

    I miss it too. I have shifted to Bigelow’s Fruit and Almond, which isn’t quite as good, and is also unavailable in stores, but you can buy it on Bigelow’s website.

  19. Monique Says:

    Good news everyone! Please don’t fret. After many years of being discontinued Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset is now back on the shelves…. How exciting!!!! Also, if you purchase the tea from their website they’ll offer you a 15% discount. Use “Almond” as the code. I too have been an Almond Sunset enthusiast and found them discontinuing the item utterly devastating. I immediately wrote to the company requesting to bring it back. I didn’t think it would take this long. But I’m extremely happy nonetheless. Receiving the great news today has made my day wonderful!

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