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Not Great"The flavor is subtle and uncharacteristic."
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dragon-pearl-white.jpgThe tea looks very consistent with evenly blended green and brown leaves and a smaller number of white ones interspersed throughout. Overall the tea is darker than I would expect for a white tea. The leaves are generally long and intact with very little breakage or debris.

The tea gives off a modest aroma when the bag is opened. There are several layers of smell. The first smell is light to very light and is slightly sweet. Deeper breaths are earthy with a completely different aroma. Had I not lingered over the tea I would not have picked up the different aromas. It is difficult to determine if these smells will translate into a satisfying taste or not. It was hard to come by the smell profile I've described and took some time with the tea.

You can find information about the Dragon Pearl Tea Company at : A few noteworthy characteristics about the company is it provides organic teas from the Fujian Mountain farms in China. From a social conscience standpoint a portion of all direct sales goes to a variety of causes and charities. These are clearly listed and accessed via a link on the websites front page. The company sells its teas online.

For all cups I let the water set about 30 seconds after boiling and before brewing. I used a stainless infuser directly in the cup.
First cup: For the first cup I used about a teaspoon and a half in 8 ounces of water steeped for 3:30 (on a timer).
Second cup: Two teaspoons of tea ssteeped for 4:30 (on the timer).

The second cup had a more discernable aroma and flavor. The first cup was non-distinct in all respects. All in all, the flavor is subtle and uncharacteristic. Usually a tea should show some distinction even with delicate flavors (certainly that is one allure of tea). It is like finding the right balance of herbs for a particular dish. They should come together to produce something noticeable and remarkable. The flavor of this tea has no characteristic of interest to me. Not that it is bad or bitter or overpowering, it has none of those qualities and yet it has no particular areas of true admiration. The longer brewing time produced a hint of bitterness near the bottom of the cup.

I am left feeling ambiguous about this tea. The best whites have a very involving taste though sometimes it is very subtle. While not distasteful, I am willing to try it again, but I won't return to this as a regular staple. I think there are more interesting and involving teas available.

— To purchase Dragon Pearl Bai Mu Dan White Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Ken Says:

    I like white tea…

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