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Thumbs up!"This convenience makes it an ideal companion for the office, where loose-leaf brewing is not always an option."
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steepercup2_small.jpgDragon Pearl's three piece steeping cup is, at the time of this review, being offered free with the purchase of any two teas from Dragon Pearl. The three pieces included are a cup (mug), the infuser, and the lid, all made of a very ornately decorated Porcelain. The decorative authentic Chinese theme is a blue and white dragon pattern, with the insides of the three pieces a light jade green. The set really is an attractive piece of teaware. The green color makes it hard to really appreciate the color of the brewed liquid, but that is a minor point of contention. Initially, I was a bit intimidated by the seemingly delicate porcelain, seeing as I can be a little clumsy at times. However, while I wouldn't recommend being unnecessarily hard on this teaware, I will say that it has been surprisingly sturdy so far. Overall, I found this unit to be really convenient as a way to offer brewing and drinking in the same vessel. The idea is pretty simple: Place the infuser in the mug, add tea leaves and hot water, steep, then remove the infuser and enjoy. The lid fits on the cup with or without the infuser, so tea can be kept warm both pre- and post-steeping. The lid also can be turned upside down to hold the leaf-filled infuser once it has been removed from the cup. This unit gets big points for reducing the number of teaware items needed to enjoy high-quality loose leaf tea. Since you could, if necessary, fill the cup with water and heat it up in the microwave, it is possible to prepare and drink tea all in one vessel. This convenience makes it an ideal companion for the office, where loose-leaf brewing is not always an option. The major fallback I saw with this unit was that it was not suited for infusing teas and tisanes containing small pieces, such as rooibos. The holes in the infuser are large enough that even when I used it to brew an oolong tea with leaves of appreciable size or a green teas with broken leaf pieces, some of the smaller fragments made it's way into the mug. For this reason, I will stand behind Adagio's Ingenuitea as the all-around best product for convenient brewing, since this device filters out all tea leaves, regardless of size. Still, Dragon Pearl's three piece steeping cup will satisfy the desires of many tea drinkers who wish to be able to take the inconvenience out of preparing high quality tea when in a rush or away from home.

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  1. Geoff Says:

    My mother uses this. She swears by it.

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