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I realize that its a bit on the strange side to review something that comes in little Mexican seasoning bags, but I've always been a bit on the strange side anyways. After being repeatedly goaded to give it a try by a Mexican friend who is well aware of my Tisane addiction I decided to crack open the wallet, well at least wide enough to snag out 99 cents. There doesn't seem to be a premium market for Jamaica Flowers, in Mexico, Central, and South America its just a standard commodity item. Its the Mexican version of the Iced Tea we north of that boarder guzzle by the gallon.

For the first round I drank it hot and unsweetened, and it wasn't half bad. It had a very tart fruity taste, akin to apples; it was also slightly sweet and syrupy. In Mexico this is drunk more like Iced tea, with lots of sugar and ice so that's how we danced in round two. The tart flavors seem to mellow considerable when you toss in a bit of everybody's favorite white powder, and it takes on a more Lemonade flavor, but with a bit more body. Next I tried it cold and unsweetened, I thought it would be a good idea; when I was four I thought jamming a fork in a light socket was a good idea, we learn new things every day. Tart does not begin to describe unsweetened cold Jamaica.

A few tips. First, this stuff is cheap, so don't be afraid to use quite a bit of it. Second, don't get this stuff on anything you don't want to have to bleach it will stain. Third, make lots of it for parties, its kicks the crap out of KoolAid, and is probably much better for you. I can just picture some Jamaica flower spangled bandito in a fight to the death with the KoolAid guy, but then again I'm a bit on the strange side.
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2 Responses to “Review: El Guapo Jamaican Flowers Tea”

  1. Tea Escapade Says:

    Great review! I’ve never heard of Jamaican Flowers Tea so thanks a bunch for sharing.

  2. Shelly Says:

    It just makes me think of the movie Three Amigos. El Guapo, that is.

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