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Thumbs up!"An explosion of rich dark green beans on the tongue, followed by a slightly sweet, and slightly acidic, but never bitter, finish."
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emperor_med.jpgI have been waiting, praying, begging for a good tea from the fine folks at Dragon Pearl. Not that they haven't been making good teas, just that the two or three I've had chance to sample have not been among them. Normally this wouldn't bother me, I'd just write them off as not being my particular cup of tea, but as the case happens to be I like Dragon Pearls image far more than their tea. Dragon Pearl is one of the few Tea retailers that doesn't have an image of doilies and lace. As every good American tea drinker knows, anything other than iced tea is supposed to be the drink of little girls and elderly little girls. Men drink Coffee! Coffee, Coffee! Real men drink coffee and watch action films staring macho manly... Tea drinkers...

Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jean Claud Van Damm, I've seen them all drinking Tea. They do it in their movies, they do it in interviews, and from press shots they even do it in their day to day lives. So its refreshing to see a company cash in on the good press that the Martial Arts have generated amongst us manly types for all things Asian. From the lacquer dragon tea-tray to the dragon emblemed tea-tins the folks at Dragon Pearl sell the least feminine tea ware imaginable. Their Tea, however, has not been something I've taken to, until now that is.

Th leaves were a mottled green and yellow, clean and unbroken. It had the rectangular kitchen-towel shape associated with the young and only partially opened leaves used in the manufacture of Dragonwell. While this probably didn't come from one of the few Chinese Government approved Dragonwell Regions, it at least was made in the correct style. I suppose your opinion of the authenticity of this tea will vary depending upon your understanding, acceptance, and opinion of the notion of Terrior. For those who don't enjoy the world of wine and fine produce, terrior is the notion that, even if you use the same variety of plant, in the same climate, with the exact same care, and with the exact same processing, you still can't make Champagne in California. This is why the French (the high priests of Terrior) name their wines more often by region than varietal, and why they throw such a fit should we use the same name for the same product grown here.

This tea, regardless of the soils of its birth, is a very good example of the Dragonwell breed, although I postface that (why do people always put a preface after the concept) with the simple details of my limited entanglement with Dragonwell tea. Nonetheless this had everything I could want in a Dragonwell. It began with an explosion of rich dark green beans on the tongue, followed by a slightly sweet, and slightly acidic, but never bitter, finish. It retained this flavor, growing a bit more flowery, over the course of many infusions. Indeed after three infusions the first night with this tea I stuck it in the fridge and enjoyed two more in the mourning. All in all this is a pretty good buy from the fine folks at Dragon Pearl, and a great excuse to order a few of their more interesting accessories.

— To purchase Dragon Pearl Jade Sword, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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