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Thumbs up!"The taste is exquisite peppermint. The initial sensation is very strong mint, almost cutting."
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Now you can't say that a company with a name like Teapigs lacks a sense of humor. They simply must know how to rip it up. This is an English based company so it should come as no surprise that the smell of a sachet of this peppermint tea reminds me of classic Altoids. The smell is exhilarating, strong, and gives you that same kind of sensation a very strong mint candy would (at least in the nose). The
smell has a bite in the nose and is very robust/full. This is a very high quality tea made from the entire peppermint leaf!!

I steeped the sachet in water that had almost come to a boil and rested for about thirty seconds. Steep time was about 4 minutes.

The brewed tea has a milder aroma than the sachet dry before steeping. The peppermint still comes through, though not as stark or bold. It has a very noticeable tea smell tea which is interesting given that this is an herbal tea and completely caffeine free. No black, green, or white tea.

The taste is exquisite peppermint. The initial sensation is very strong mint, almost cutting. The strong mint flavor sensation does not last long and gives way to a very nice prolonged taste which is milder though definitely pepperminty. Teapigs notes that the whole
leaf and/or flower are used which is the reason for such a wonderfully strong yet clear mint taste. This is no blend. Pure mint through and through. I could feel the results through my nose and sinuses. I thoroughly enjoyed this tea. I have had mint blends that \ either
have a very indiscernible mint taste or unusual combination of flavors. This tea does not suffer from any such flaw.

A wonderful pure peppermint tea. Strong flavored, refreshing, with a
nice long taste. The mint flavor is not mixed or blended and has a
refreshing quality that is unlike many mint teas I have tasted
before. If you like mint or have an upset stomach this is a wonderful
tea. Truly one of the best, if not the best, peppermint teas I have
ever tried. Well worth it!

— To purchase Teapigs Peppermint Leaves, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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